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I am planning a trip I try to do every year due to low crowds on the weekend between Labor Day and the start of hallow weekends (9/5-9/7)However I was looking at the website and it seems that CP will be closed on Saturday which seemed strange. Does anyone know why? I may just take a trip out to Kennywood Saturday if CP is closed and come back Sunday.Also I was going to try to take a RV there and camp but if the park isn't open Saturday could I even camp there on Friday night? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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The Rev3 triathlon is at Cedar Point on the 6th, I think they have all of the hotels blocked out for that weekend but i'm not positive. You should call central reservations and see what they have to say.

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I think there is usually a company park buyout on that day.

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Last I heard, The Fall Freakout is also on Sunday Sept 7, so I will be disappointed to not be able to stay at Breakers and make a weekend out of it.

At least once in the past, this particularly Saturday was scheduled as closed, and later updated to open. Last year there was a large company gathering that Saturday, but the park was still open. Maybe something will change, who knows?

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