walking from campground to Marina

We are going to cedar point for 4 nights next week, and are very excited, it will be our first time there. On our first day we are not planning to go to the park, as we will get there later in the afternoon, but I was thinking of going to the marina for dinner. We are coming in our motor home and staying in the campground and will not have a car, how do we get from the campground to the marina? Are famous Dave's and Bay Harbor good?

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Free shuttle service is available at the RV park by the Pool area and the Registration Office.

It drops off at Marina/famous DAVES, front gate, resort gate, soak city, hotel Breakers, sandcastle suites, lighthouse point

Rusty -

Is the shuttle available to all park guests, or do you have to be staying in an onsite property to ride it?

Shane Denmark -

In theory it is a resort shuttle. But I don't know how they'd know you aren't staying at a CP resort?

Chris49 -

Yes, it's free, but remembering a small tip is nice.


I believe you can take a shuttle to the marina entrance.

Famous Dave's is like any other Famous Dave's that I've been to. If you like Famous Dave's, you'll like this one.

Bay Harbor is a very good upscale restaurant.

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LunaD858 -

How does the pricing at this Famous Dave's compare to regular Famous Dave's?

Shane Denmark -

Expect to pay a buck or two more per item. We always get the half feast for the 3 of us and our bill was only a few dollars higher than when we eat at the local Famous Dave's.

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