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Hey everyone, so I was a ride operator for millennium force 2 years ago. I've decided I'd love to go back to work again this summer, but as a VIP tour guide preferably as I love interacting with people. Whats it like being a tour guide from any former VIP tour guides? Can anyone explain how I would specify that I'd like to be a vip tour guide? Also, doesn't Cedar Point offer internships regarding being a vip tour guide? My final question: is it true that the tour guides are allowed to be tipped by their guests?

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I know a couple of people who were VIP guides when it was still a new offering at the park (around 10 years ago I think.) At that time, they were allowed to accept tips. Not sure if that's changed. I believe the position still falls somewhere under the marketing department.

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I wonder how often people pony up for the VIP tours? Would that be a full time position, or would it be a part of another job?


You’d be surprised the amount of VIP tours in a day. My last year working at the park (2017), even ride hosts were giving VIP tours to make up hours. Perhaps calling HR. They could help.

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TwistedWicker77 said:
You’d be surprised the amount of VIP tours in a day.

Given you’re post, I’m guessing the enthusiasts that are perpetually butthurt over fast lane have not read your post and seen how irreparably unfair the park is being to them personally.

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VIP tour guide falls under Guest Services, and they do offer an internship. I don't know the details of it, but there is at least one member here who may be lurking that has done this internship that could provide more info. As of when Ride Hosts were picking up tour guide shifts in 2016, they were allowed to receive tips.

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Anyone that has applied for a VIP Tour Guide position, have you heard anything yet?

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