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Ditto to what everyone else has said about Valravn! CP hit a grand slam with this one!

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For those of you who have ridden Valravn, where would you rate it compared to Cedar Point's other coasters?

For me, Millennium is still No. 1. However, Valravn is my new No. 2, knocking Raptor (and subsequently the others) down a notch!

Walt said:

Go Intamin said:
Day 256: still waiting to see the queue "surprise" promised by Tony, I hope we will see it one of these years.

That's not in the queue though, right? Maybe he meant "by the queue?"

What apps does it work with?

I got to ride it three times at the first rider benefit (loved the collectors ticket they gave us btw), and WOW! This ride is visually stunning and the area looks incredible! Rode all three rows and the front is my favorite. Nothing like dangling above the ground and feeling like you'll fall out of your seat! Easily top three in my book, one of the best additions to the park in the last ten years (sorry Gatekeeper fans).

Loved the ride itself, the 4 hour wait today not so much. Still rank MF #1, with this falling behind GK, only because of the short track length and GK's nicer layout, IMO. Still a great addition to the CP coaster lineup and this coaster, along with the updated marina gate and new plaza, are a home run. BTW, try the new Toft's Valravn ice cream, truly awesome!!

It's a very solid ride, but I wouldn't rate it above the 20 year old B&Ms, or the "big three" record setters.

Of course, I would like a longer hold at the top, too.

Rode it today(1st time),1 1/4 hr line,back row seat #3. Totally disappointed,was expecting more,the drop is over too soon. Didn't notice anything 'over-restaining' about the restraints. But it's a great addition to the coaster line-up,just as GateKeeper was and Mantis-Rougarou transformation was. Seems like the 'hang-time' on Shiekra was longer.

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First time today. Row 1, far left outside seat. Loved it. Great positive and negative G's. Great addition. I agree with Dennis, the hang time would have been spectacular if it lasted just a second or two longer. It seems it approaches the edge slowly, then pauses for a fraction of a second.

It might have been my eyes playing tricks on me but it did appear as though the "hang time" was much shorter at the top compared to Thursday. Is that timing adjustable?

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I think this is a solid addition to the park's lineup. I think the drop was fairly intense and it appears slow off-ride, but it's going pretty fast when you're on the ride. For those talking about the hang-time, I would assume they could adjust it. Maybe it was shortened for now to increase capacity.

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JeffH said:

That's not in the queue though, right? Maybe he meant "by the queue?"

What apps does it work with?

That was just a peek, but it gives you an idea of what to expect. There's more than that, but I don't think it will be launched until around Memorial Day.

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Is this supposed to be accessed out of the new app? I couldn't find anything.

Am I the only one that found Valravn has a pretty bad rattle between the second drop and Dave loop?

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Got to ride Saturday afternoon. The Fastlane line was only about 20-25 minutes. It's a pretty cool ride, everything I expected from a dive coaster. It makes a great addition to the skyline and in my opinion, the final inversion is a nice surprise. The floater air reminded me how Volcano: The Blast Coaster feels. As far as the restraints go, I don't find them any different than any other otsr. I'm into fitness and lifting and I find that the more size I put on, the more uncomfortable I am on rides so that's my own fault. Thanks to Cedar Point for once again adding an amazing machine to their lineup!

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The rattle is probably the anti-rollbacks or the chain dogs.

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No, like a B&M rattle. The second drop has a pretty bad one.

We rode it on Friday for Ohio State day. Hate to be in the minority but it was pretty underwhelming. After the delayed drop it becomes an average coaster and the ride is fairly short. I would rank it behind the other big ticket coasters at CP (MF, GK, TTD, Rou, Mav, even Raptor.)

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I didn't notice any constant rattle. I did notice the chain dogs or anti rollbacks slamming down at the bottom of each drop, but that's pretty typical as it happens on Gatekeeper, Diamondback, etc. I also noticed as we hit the brakes before the second dive, the whole thing was shifting side to side a bit.


We had our first and only ride of the weekend Saturday. The park app stated 60 min. wait, so we headed over. Ended up being 2 1/2 hr. wait. Granted, the app still has some kinks and will eventually smooth out. I agree with the seating procedure per row-very awkward ( 2 ride opps. assigning seats). And it seemed only Fast Lane Plus was getting front row. We had back row middle. After drop and first 'loop', my excitement faded slowly. It was a fun ride, worth doing again when the hype has passed. Not worth the wait for my visits to the park. But it really makes up for itself with views(riding or not), it's impressive in size.

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