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I've since experienced ValRavn in row 2 and I got a dose of that 'Oh Sh--' free fall feeling. I imagine the back row will give more of that.

And yes, ValRavn wins over Shiekra. It feels like a much more complete ride.

Question for the pass holders who frequent the park.

Looking forward to our annual trip next week... My friends son went with his school yesterday and said they will not let you wait for front row on Valravn. There are only 2 rides in the park, Maxair and Skyhawk, that I can think of that they assign seats. I am now already disappointed, and haven't even rode yet, anticipating that if I have to wait 2 hours for a ride that I won't have the front row option that they allow on every other coaster there. I feel even if I want to wait another added hour to ride front after waiting 2 hours that should be my problem. Sorry just venting.... Or is this only temporary until they get more efficient?

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Currently they are letting in one train load of people at a time in the station. I would imagine as time goes on that they will become a little more lax. In recent memory I recall Gatekeeper being assigned rows for the first one or two seasons. Even MF, WT, and TTD were assigned seating and that's not being done anymore.

Be patient. The crew is doing that it can to make sure that everyone wants to ride ValRavn can do so by filling all the seats efficiently. Think about the challenge of getting a group of 8 together and the combinations of people who want to ride together.

Above all, enjoy the ride! It's great.

Thanks for the help and I totally get that a lot goes into the orchestration of line maintenance. At my old age of 46 nausea elevates a bit when I can't see where I am going for example I have to sit front on Raptor to have visual on the track or my equilibrium goes off. I have a coaster fanatic and when I started feeling like that in my late 30's I have just resided myself to the fact that on certain rides I have to wait longer so I don't get sick. I do not want to be THAT PERSON who gets sick and causes lost ride time for others while they have to hose the ride down. LOL has yet to happen I just don't like taking chances if I can prevent it. Coasters that are just pure speed like Millenium and TTD give my no problems. Raptor, Gatekeeper, Rogarou are a tiny bit more of a challenge.

You can tell them you're willing to wait an extra train, and politely stand aside to let other people in. I have done that, and it works as long as you don't have everyone doing the same thing.

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Yeah, waiting for the front seat during the first year of any coaster is somewhat hit or miss. Cedar Point does have the following on their ride policies and procedures page:

Front seat waiting is available for the following roller coasters:

  • Corkscrew
  • Magnum
  • Rougarou
  • Maverick
  • Mean Streak
  • Millennium Force
  • Mine Ride
  • Raptor
  • Top Thrill Dragster
  • Wicked Twister

Guests should go through the regular queue line and get into the Front Seat queue on the loading platform. Once the queue is full, guests must choose another seat.

The good news is that on Valravn you have a 1/3 chance every time of getting the front, which is much better than on a normal coaster. You also have a 1/3 chance of getting the back seat as well, which is equally as good in my opinion, but in a different way (forces versus view).

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Thanks for the advice. Guess when we get to the turnstile we will have to count so we are two of the first 8 people through and just let people in front of us to up our odds.

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Don't forget to count Fast Lane too. It's been my experience so far that they get first crack at the front row.

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Or, you could just take the seat you're dealt - and if you don't like it, try again later, maybe?

I'm sure the others around you in line would figure out what you're trying to do, too.

We get a pass good for 1 time that was included with our package!

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Well, you could always wait it out for a second ride if you're up for it

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It sounds so awesome! You guys are making it harder and harder to wait for August. :D

...and I'm very disappointed in whoever made this thread for missing out on calling it ValReviews. XP

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Front row on dive coasters is nice, but I prefer the back row outer seats on the Busch dive coasters.

Heading to CP Monday for 4 days, looking forward to the view of the park from VLRVN, from the train seating layouts I don't think there will be any bad seats for viewing the park.

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I've been in all three rows and it's all good. The front row does give that "oh sh?t" feeling looking down the first drop more than the other rows but the ride is great wherever you sit.

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3 times for me. All in the back. I'm jonesing for the front.

XS NightClub said:

Heading to CP Monday for 4 days, looking forward to the view of the park from VLRVN, from the train seating layouts I don't think there will be any bad seats for viewing the park.

We're going Monday as well, for three days. Hoping for less student bus crowds.


Hoping will not reduce the student-bus crowd. I'm not sure praying will even help.

At least next week is not officially science and Math week. That might help a bit. We will be there Twilight Monday and all Tues. Very excited!

We came in through Fast Lane with Plinko passes and they let us wait for the next car to get front row, so yeah, that's definitely an issue.

New poster. I live in Virginia, drove 7 hours this morning to get a 9:10 am ride on valravn. My 11 year old daughter agrees it is the smoothest "nicest coaster" we've ever ridden. Millie and intimidator 305 are still my favorites, but this keeps cedar point as the "go to dream park" " while kings dominion, hersheypark, and bush gardens have to tide my family. over (although my high school kids hate bush gardens, they find it to be spread out and boring). You guys who live near CP are really blessed to have such a beautiful park nearby.
I've been going to CP every other year for about 8 years now and it's just really great, although this was the first time we went where TTD was not running.

First went there as kinds dominion/ hersheypark/great adventure/ CP marathon, and CP truly is a unique jewel, although I enjoy all parks and what they offer.

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