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Has a draw bridge possibility been discussed?

Walt said:

Toll Booth Plaza Redesign - Artist rendering shows several toll booths under a covered structure. They will improve flow with lessons learned at Kings Island and Carowinds. Self-scan lanes will be available, but may not be ready by opening day due to manufacturing delays overseas.

Do you have a photo of the artist renderings?

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^No, no photos were allowed during the presentation where they showed us renderings.

KevinJ- The discussion you are referring to is what I brought up over in the New SRE Thread i the New for 2020 forum.

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djDaemon said...

This would require a LONG ramp to be ADA-compliant and stroller-friendly.

ADA compliance requires ramp slope be no steeper than 1:12, so if the bridge is to be set 10 feet above grade, the ramp needs to be 120 feet long, on both sides. Furthermore, there needs to be a 5' x 5' platform every 30 feet of ramp. So you would end up with either a straight ramp 135+ feet in length, or if set up in switchback configuration, a ramp area roughly the size of StR's station, on each side.

None of this to say this is impossible, just curious how they're going to deal with this.

Yep. That was it.

Hi, Brandon. :)

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I knew the part went through some audio system upgrades back when they introduced Luminosity, but I didn't realize the extent of the upgrades. Was pretty cool seeing how all of the audio zones/rides/speakers etc are networked together now to the point that they could theoretically send the Gatekeeper spieler's microphone out to the various midways if they wanted to... all with the tap of a couple buttons on an iPad, or that emergency alerts can now take over basically any speaker in the park at the same time, including lift hill speakers and such on rides. As someone who's spent some time in the Pro A/V world, seeing capabilities like that is way cool.

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I just don't think we're seeing a ramp, and I'm sure there is a loophole they can exploit. Something like...

"We originally made the ride ADA complaint, but recent additions have forced us to close the Forbidden Frontier to guests in wheelchairs, or those in strollers and wagons. We apologize for any issues this may cause, and welcome all guests to enjoy our wide assortment of nearly 100 other rides and coasters here at Cedar Point."

I'm pretty stoked about the Castaway Bay upgrades thru 2021! Anyone know if the waterpark itself will recieve an upgrade or if the spa will reopen? Sucks the balconies are going away, but its understandable considering the difficulty it takes to maintain those screened in ones with the peeling rail paint.

Reading this thread makes me imagine thousands of upset guests storming the gates of guest relations in a mad fury over having to walk up a ramp to a bridge after spending literally all day walking the entire park... and using ramps to access rides like Millennium Force or Magnum.

I don't understand why this was such a concern to begin with, like it's the parks first rodeo designing something that will be ADA compliant.

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I think you're confusing interest with concern.


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If there is room, maybe spiral ramps can be constructed on both sides similar to the old Oceana Stadium? Then artificial rock can be used to hide them in cavern mountains.

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I think you're all really overestimating the clearance height required for the boats. They don't need to build Golden Gate.

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The concept art IIRC had boats with a pergola with crates and provisions stacked on top. Assuming guests stand before taking a seat that pergola needs a good 7’ clearance. Add 2’ for the joists and crates, and you need about a 10’ bridge.

Or it was designed shorter and everyone squats to get in and out like Skyride and the FA station is close by so no problem. 😛

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At least the hype for Snake River Excursions really seems to be ramping up.

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Wait until they find out about the midcourse trim brake.

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Maybe that’s the slogan for the new attraction: “Will the Boat clear the Bridge of Doom?”

(Eating popcorn) I never thought so many people would suddenly become ramp engineers nor did I think so many people would be obsessed with ramps.....

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The ramp may be the most exiting part of SRE.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Something just hit me...

Well, it will if Intamin designs SRE and the bridge.

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