two day weekend(opening day report)

well we checked into the breakers about 8:00 am got ready and walked over to the hotel park entrance gates where there was a short line to get in.after the gates opend we ran towerd the mf but to my suprise there were already a herd of people from the main gate already near mf.when we got in line i thought there was going to be a ceramony becouse they had a podeom set up near the entrance,but to my suprise they dident have anything.they first started the blue train and people went crazy,letting out a loud cheer.while that was going on the red cross biders made there way up to the entranc and got there ride first.when we finaly got to ride(about 2 hours later)the mf,we got in the blue car and started up the lift going id say about 25 mph,the whole time with my hands up(never putting them down like most people did when it reached the top)finaly the moment ive been waiting for all winter had arrived.WOW!!!!! what a ride,this ride is pure was the fastes rollercoaster ive ever been on.after that we all decided to go to the back of the park and ride mean streak b4 in got too buisy,we only waited about 15 minits or so,it seemed a lot smoother than last time i rhode it.than we headed over to the mine ride.i thought that they were going to have 3 trains going but they had only 2.a long line also.i still cant figure out why they dident have 3 going with all the paople that were there on saterday.after mine ride we continued to ride all of the rest of the coasters in the park with the exception of rapter(it was closed due to wind).after a brief rest at about 9pm or so ,just as we were getting off blue streak,i heard that sound,you know,the sound of the rapter running its we ran to the entrance of rapter and a line was already forming.we got to ride front seat(my favorate).after a long day at the point we went back to our room at the breakers and jumped in the hot tub for a few minits,than went over to tgif.the drinks were great but the food was way overpriced,but i bit the bullet and it ended up costing $50 for two dinners,which werent the greatest i may add.after that we preceded to our suite and passed out,so we could get a fresh start in the we awoke in the morning we got ready and proceded to the park.we arrived in the park at about 9:30 am there was already a 3 hour wait for mf so we hit every other coaster and power tower with absolutaly no lines,the most we waited was about 30 min for mantis,but we dident ride it till last and by than the park was getting buisy.we than made our way over to paddle wheel excursins(my girlfreind likes this ride)and i was kind of disapointed to see a lot of the trees were gone and mf was towering over us the whole time,also the capton of the boat wasent as funny as he usaly is-he dident want to be there the end of the night we got in line for mf at about 9:pm and the line wasent as bad it was about an hour and a half long.i might also add that the crowd was very was an even better ride at night.i did notice a few other changes in the park-it looked like iron dragon has gotten new trains,disaster transport had strobe lights at the helex,sky ride was repainted,but closed sat and sun,due to the wind,i might also add that all the ride hosts were VERY NICE with the exception of the mantis crew.overall i had a great trip to the point and a nice stay at the looking foreword to my trip back for coaster mania in june.
owwww... I have a headache after reading that.

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