TT2 Review 4/28/24 Prayers for Maria Event

We drove in the rain from Michigan and the skies cleared as just as we got in 6 from Rt 2. Arrived at 11am and immediately lined up to get into the park. Gates opened about 8 minutes before noon. Said a quick “hi” to Tony Clark and headed straight for the lockers. The ride opened right at noon and we could have been on the first train out but opted to wait for the front so we ended up on the second train. (I’ll save the review of the ride for the end. After that we tried doing the down side of Power Tower but ended up having to transfer to the up side. The ride looks great but I wish they replaced the banners on the cars. They looked very faded and worn compared to the rest of the ride. After that we gave Corkscrew (Rougher than I expected and I knew what I was getting into here) and Super Himalaya some love (my first time of many to come!) Obviously I liked it. It looks faster on the ground than on the ride. Next m, we did Magnum which was running trimless and great as usual. I find the back car to be the smoothest and gentlest on my knees. Next we ate. The food was amazing! I’m so glad they keep stepping up their food game. The newly remodeled Magnum bathrooms were next which was a nice touch but the old ones never bothered me.
Finally, we rode TT2 3 more times including a back seat ride. I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been already said. It’s a phenomenal ride. The biggest surprises and observations are as follows:

  1. First launch was more thrilling and provided more g’s going up the top hat than I was expecting.
  2. The ride is quiet. I was expecting to hear that Wicked Twister scream
  3. The backwards spike lasts forever. You really get a good chance to look around while you’re up there
  4. The line moved fast.
  5. There doesn’t seem to be enough que.
  6. the head chopper is amazing and blew my expectations away. It’s almost as good as Gemini’s
  7. I found myself still calling it Dragster. The name is still lame but the logo is sweet.
  8. They should bring back the Get to the point slogan now that they have a giant point right in the center of the Point. (See what I did there?)
  9. I love the we color scheme and signage.
  10. It feel like a complete ride finally and I will gladly wait longer than I did for TTD. I like this version much better.

Lastly: Iron Dragon looks like hell and needs a paint job. Bring back the original colors!

Thanks to CP and Prayers for Maria for such a great event. It was much better than Steel Vengeance’s preview event other than some of us were secretly hoping for a piece of the original Dragster ride for our parting gift. 😉

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