I am planning a trip for september.I thought I wanted to stay at castaway bay but i have ran into a snag. when we go it will be me, my fiancee, our daughter who will be turning 2 the week before we go, my mom, and my stepdad. we live aprox 3 hours away so we are driving together because we will be going to north carolina after that to see my brother. the sole purpose of bringing my mom and stepdad with us is essentially built in babysitters. We can all take turns with the baby and still be able to go do adult things as well. we are also going during halloweekends because my fiance and i are big halloween fanatics. i know that we are going to want to stay late at the park to enjoy those activites when my 2 year old is ready for bed at 9.

my concern is if my mom and stepdad take the car with the baby before we are ready to leave is there any other means of transportation from the park to cedar point? if so how much do you think it will cost?

Any advice for taking a 2 year old?

Any advice on going during halloweekends?

Thanks in advance!

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There wasn't a shuttle to Castaway Bay a few years back when I stayed there. I would try and stay at Breakers instead. It would eliminate a lot of issues.
Be sure to get the parent swap passes. Check out the kids section of the Cedar Point web site.
There are ton of resources available for you at the park.

I don't believe there are shuttles between the park and the off-point resorts. I suspect it is because at times the traffic can get bumper to bumper all the way back to 250. Shuttles would just get stuck in this traffic and make for cranky people when the shuttle doesn't show up for an hour. These are my suggestions:

1.) Rent a 2nd car once you get to Sandusky

2.) Take your parents and daughter back to the resort in the evening and return to the park in the car.

3.) Have one of your parents come back to the park to pick you up at the end of the night.

When the park closes on a Halloweekend Saturday traffic can get crazy. Don't plan on getting out quickly or getting picked up quickly if you stay till close.

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Krafty has pretty much outlined it perfectly...
And there are no shuttles to either Castaway Bay or to Breakers Express.

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