Track has arrived!

Nay on the Vampire themed ride. I really hope the Vampire era has come to an end after the whole Twilight craze.

I really enjoy the brown track. It's very different, and I really do think it will stand out very nice next to Raptor.

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Now just waiting for the neon pink trains to pull it all together. At least that's what they thought about the Rougarou trains ;),Pdkv544,Lf57jAH,VOdhEm3,UmDVBqB,NMbcy0e,2ZOfZSz
I got some photos yesterday. The track has dual wheel drives so its 100% dive coaster track if you like it or not

SV ruins all other rides.

We all know its a Dive coaster. If anyone thinks it's not....Please join the Disney Fan club and get your eyes check. The real question and what people have been mind boggling on this "waste of time delay announcement" is which direction is CP taking the Dive machine approach? Will it be an innovative history making coaster that nobody has done before? Or, are they being lazy and cloning the ride you see at the BG parks and in Europe as well. Basically, catering to the GP by building a lame Cookie-cutter B&M Dive coaster. We shall see! guy's been dead well over a week. Get over it!! He's not that important to postpone this long due to grieving from the family. He still won't find his wallet or cellphone at this time at raptor??

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guy's been dead well over a week. Get over it!! He's not that important to postpone this long due to grieving from the family.


That sounds like an excellent quote that I am sure the park will be licensing from you to use during the announcement.


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Not cool, Where'sMyMack.

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What the hey is going on with people at this site today?

I'm not sure. Must be a full moon or a neap tide or something...

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I honestly think he's trying to see how far he can go before he gets banned.

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Hey new guy... if you can't disagree like a grownup, you should probably go elsewhere.

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I think we could expect the announcement mid-September IMO. (10th-15th)

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A tunnel, or not a tunnel?, that is my question. Should a raven dive underground? Soak city and all water rides aside, has Cedar Point ever had a ride that went below the lake Erie water table?

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None that I know of. I think the water table is too high on the peninsula to accommodate a tunnel -- but my knowledge of such matters is skimpy....

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It would almost certainly have to be an above-grade tunnel.

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Thinking of the water table, I'm wondering how much of a hassle they went through with the old Dolphin Show aquarium. It's going back a while since I last looked through the viewing windows. Thus, I'm trying to remember how deep the pool went below ground level. My point being, if they could manage that, I'm sure they could manage going that deep (or less than that deep) and do something similar to this:

I'm sure, with proper planning and design, they could construct a trench (of sorts) that would allow them to go below ground level.......safely. I imagine pumps would be involved somehow, but I still think they could do something.

In fact, I know they could. :)

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Of course they could. The field of engineering yields some really impressive feats these days.

It's just a matter of whether the experience, the end result, is worth the time, the hassle, and the expense.

Exactly. Within reason CP can tell B&M what they want and where they want it and as long as they're willing to pay there's quite a bit of limitations they can engineer around.

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We have a saying in my office-"Give me a dollar sign and a decimal point and I can engineer anything." I'm sure if they wanted to build something subgrade, they could find a way to do it. Of course, we also have a saying that "Mother Nature always bats last." It probably wouldn't look good for the park to have guests showing up to see a sign that says "Valravn is closed today due to high water." LOL My guess is if there is some kind of tunnel structure, it will be completely above grade.

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The could build the tunnel above grade and then fill dirt in to make it look like the tunnel is built into a hill. If enough dirt is used to make the hill gradual enough, it would be a very effective illusion.

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Pete, you're suffering from tunnel vision.

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