TR: 5/15/00

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Just wanted to post a quickie TR about yesterday (5/15/00) at CP.

- The park was packed which was quite surprising for the first Monday of the season. From the look of the crowd, a lot of schools had physics day.

- Regarding MF, I had two rides. The early ride at 10am was somewhat slow where the ride around 5pm was probably one of the best I've had so far. Once this ride warms up during the day, it's phenominal.

- Rumor has it that the third (yellow) train will be put into operation this week. As a result, be warned that MF might not open until noon or so this week for maintenance/testing purposes. While riding the CP&LE around the park later in the day I noticed that the blue train was transfered off leaving only the red train on the course. Upon closer look of the transfer area, a few completely shredded wheels were lying on the ground. My guess is that they were replacing a few wheels. I don't know if the blue train made it back on the course.

- Mean Streak is still running somewhat silent with noticable airtime towards the front, although the train almost stops on the drop.

- Even with MF, Raptor lines are still near the one hour mark.

Other than that stuff, business as usual in Sandusky today.

Scott W. Short

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Yeah Tim..I noticed the blue train on the tranfer track too as i was leaving breakers down service road..didn't see the wheels though!! Also noticed the physics crowd too all throughout the park early on..

I saw you and rideman hanging together on Sunday I believe..or was it had on the blue MF sweatshirt right?? Saw you in line for MF sunday night last ride too...

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