Town Hall Reborn

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I wonder if the remodel or re-configuration will have a more efficient floor plan, particularly for the area that the employees stationed there operate from. Getting patrons to the info counter and maintaining some semblance of pecking order seemed a bit clustered as there are museum gawkers separate from those seeking assistance who would traverse through that area. Presently, and since the closure, our favorite CP author and the other employees have been operating out of that tent on the SkyHawk side, which has allowed a more organized line, but no air conditioning. Perhaps they will keep it operating from the tent.

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Re imagined pirate ride. Done deal.

First ride; Magnum 1994

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It was mentioned at Winter Chill Out that the project had been postponed and, at that time, had not been rescheduled. Hopefully, that will change.

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We usually buy or redeem our FL's at the town hall so we have spent time in there as well. I am sure I will miss some aspects of the old Town Hall, but I am interested in the changes as well. On a side note, I just purchased "Rolling Through the Years" - is Ken Miller the gentleman with the eyepatch at the Town Hall?

Now a 29 time Steel Vengeance survivor! Two time Winter Chill Out dude.

No more eyepatch, but yes

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