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I was taking a close look at one of the old photos the park has been posting recently (which are fantastic, by the way), and I have a question that hopefully someone here can answer. What is the building located where Frontier Lift's station (now bathrooms) was? The building is shown in the photo below (embiggened here), at the middle of the left edge.

Looks to be in the footprint of both FL's station and Town Hall.

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I'm pretty sure that's just Town Hall, if you matched it up with a current photo, SRF be just above it and going out of frame, and skyhawk would be just out of frame to the left.

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That was my first thought, but for some reason the location or proportion looks off to me. Of course you're probably right.


The upper roof from the taller TH entrance side is the grey shingled area on the bottom, you can see it's taller, because it blocks part of the view of the HVAC system.. and the vent or light fixture that's popping out of the wall there lines up with sat pics on google maps..

Also a nice tie in with RollingThunder's story about the guy handing him the screaming kid at the top of the WWL hill

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What stands out to me in that photo is how cleared out the infield of Thunder Canyon is. Now that area is full of trees and brush.

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It’s amazing what 34 years will do. 😁

I didn’t make it to Winter Chillout, can anyone tell me how the Town Hall re-imagining is going? Less than 70 days to the big reveal!

It wasn't brought up in our presentation, and was not a tour stop.

As of last weekend the entire space including the floor was completely stripped down and cleared out. At Planning and Design it was mentioned that an outside company is doing most of the layout and exhibit design while Cedar Point is providing the content (artwork, models, pictures, etc.).

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This will def be a stop that will be checked out. Town Hall Museum is always a great walk thru on a hot day. Spend a bit of time to check out everything and loved the super cold AC! There was a water fountain right at the end of the patio (WAS, its been removed) It had the COLDEST water in the park

We actually joked as we were walking by that there should be a little tribute plaque to that drinking fountain because it really felt like it had the coldest water.

"Thank the Phoenicians!"

TimChat2 said:

We actually joked as we were walking by that there should be a little tribute plaque to that drinking fountain because it really felt like it had the coldest water.

No kidding 🤕. How is the removal even something they would consider? It was one of only two locations that weren’t within smelling distance of a restroom.

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^ I think the other one is located on the corner of the games building near Johnny Rockets.

At times, the water fountain at the Sky Ride -near Jack Aldrich- can be somewhat cool. The one right outside the arcade is tepid at best. Works for a 90' day, but, never cold. There is a fairly cool/cold fountain in Planet Snoopy -right by the train ride.

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There’s always free iced water inside the first aid centers along with single stall lockable air conditioned bathrooms.

Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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mgou58 said:

It’s nice that you are passionate about the parks history. But you should reserve judgement until you, like everyone else on here, see the final result next spring.

Speaking of the "Spring of 2020" have there been any rumors or indications of when the new Town Hall is projected to open? Obviously we had that COVID thing happen and other associated delays, but since mostly everything else slated for the 150th Anniversary celebration has come to pass in 2021, I have been excited to see the new version of the Town Hall.

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This just reminded me, when I was doing the trivia challenge before I left one of the questions was "What did the town hall used to house?" or something like that and the answer was a museum. It read like they aren't going to put a museum back in there?

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If so, I'm glad I took some pics in there.

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I just assumed this was one thing they chose to push until 2022, and I don't see any reason why they wouldn't stick to the original plan, which included a reimagined museum.

It's pretty amazing how much of the 150th celebration survived and is being played out this summer.

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