Town Hall Museum Auction

Many items from the Cedar Point Town Hall are now up for Auction.

What will go in its place.

Is it goodbye time for the Town Hall, Antique Cars and Cedar Creek Mine Ride to make room for the new addition in 2021.

Let the speculation begin.

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The front car of the Gemini coaster is not on there, so that leads me to believe they are considering returning Gemini back to 6 train ops due to the Gold Pass situation.

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What? I see the auction link but where was this news? They're celebrating a retro 150 years but tearing down the Town Hall with the big clock? WTH? So much for nostalgia.

And where do you get that Mine Ride and Antique Cars are going?

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Reckless Speculation, that those rides are going bye bye into the trash.

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A "reimagined" Town Hall Museum was mentioned in the initial 150th press release so the auction will likely be the historical items that aren't directly related to Cedar Point's history.

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Reckless speculation is right. They're renovating the museum for next year - a "reimagined" Town Hall was in the announcement for 2020. I anticipate based on what they're deciding to dump off that they no longer want anything non-Cedar Point in the museum. Including Steinle's clock, the old game artifacts, etc. Kind of surprising, but I guess that's what they mean by "reimagined".

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The Steinle Sandusky clock is on the auction block. It is not in working order and has needed repairs for quite a while. I believe I remember it when it was running.

I still miss being able to go up Fort Sandusky, my kids never got to experience it when they were young like I did. I always thought it was cool as a child.

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Awww, not the clock! I loved that clock. What a shame it'll probably end up in a landfill.

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If you go a few pages in on the auction site, it looks like some old arcade games from the Coliseum are being auctioned as well. Dibs on Out Run 2!

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I think they are just clearing space in the museum. Hopefully they have some really cool stuff to add to replace these items.

Maybe they are commissioning a statue of Dick Kinzel.

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I bet they’re going to go the retro-theme for the reimagined museum, focusing more on the rollercoasters and rides from the past century rather than obscure historical items and games from the early days of the park. Hopefully we get to see it divided up into decades- ex: wildcat cars for the 70s, Disaster Transport props for the 90s, some old Pirate Ride/Earthquake memorabilia to represent the 60s, etc. Could be a cool way to incorporate an “attraction” for the rides of the past and cash in on the retro merchandise they’ve been selling. Hell, maybe the kiddy kingdom giraffe/hippo will make a return for the 150th as an extra surprise...speaking of which, that giraffe has been MIA since CarnEvil closed. Anyone know of its whereabouts?


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Hopefully the clock will stay in Sandusky in some tourist area where people can see it, maybe it can be restored. I think the big clock in Amish country was moved somewhere popular when they closed the Alpine Alpa.

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Was really hoping to see a ton of antique and outdated restroom fixtures on that auction, but my dreams have been dashed. :(

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When we poked our head in the museum yesterday the guy at the counter said the park has a large amount of stuff that has never been displayed and they are making space for that and the stuff being auctions was never Cedar Point related and in some cases( like the fire engine probably) used to be props on the Frontier trail until they realized it was too valuable to be just left out on a midway unattended.

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Some neat stuff, but most of it's sadly out of my budget. :C (I second the notion it's gonna be a strictly CP museum now- if the White Water Landing model had been up for bids I would've sorely been tempted to scrape up the money for it. And find room in my house. XD )

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I think the Town hall and all the surrounding buildings are safe. IMHO, they are going to clear out the Town Hall, paint the walls and maintain the floors, and then in place of the auction items, they are going to rebuild the museum around the displays revealed at Winter Chill-Out 2019.

Picture this as the museum: . Look at Walt's pictures date-stamped 2019-2-23-12:44p to 12:59p. Get a museum architect to arrange these professionally along with the unsold parts of the current museum, and I think you have the guts of the new museum.

While there are things in the auction that I love and associate with Cedar Point as surely as the stocks outside Fort Sandusky (I call dibs on those now), you will note there is zero items that are unique to Cedar Point. The collection is best described as Americana. Getting the chance to see these ride concepts and models is much more interesting of an attraction in the park.

You would be surprised how many people collect things like that ;)

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In other words, you better not outbid Rob. :)

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