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That timeline leads me to believe there is more so a problem with how Cedar Point maintenance responded to the ongoing events - not so much a permanent problem with the ride itself. The problem seems to stem from that piece of the track, which theoretically could be replaced.

I find it interesting that ODA stated "the action or inactions" of Cedar Point as not contributing to the incident, but based on the timeline, there was a smoking gun. How often those types of issues happen and never see the light of day, is a whole other conversation.

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I believe the "stop block" may refer to the component on the downtrack end of the brake assembly that braces the brake unit against the track tie, to direct the energy taken from the slowing train (the mechanical energy; not the heat generated in the brake fins...) into the track structure rather than letting the brake bracket go sailing down the midway.

Not positive, but I think that's what they're talking about.

Thanks for the timeline, Kevin, as others have mentioned, that's excellent and useful work.

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Dave that's a sensible explanation, and my first thought when I saw Kevin's timeline was something to that effect but it said it's on the launch side of the track. I couldn't figure out how anything on the break assembly used to arrest a rollback would have been impacted with the operating history we have. Unless any rollback occurrences aren't documented and that damage occurred on rollbacks as the brakes were up?

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Ah, good catch. It's also possible that it refers to the blocks that limit brake travel but I kind of doubt that. On the other hand, there are brakes on both sides of the ride...

Rollbacks are documented. If you look through the report, there are samples of the daily operational logs, and as I recall at least one of them indicated a rollback as a reason for some downtime.

Those reports are interesting not only because they indicate the detail to which the daily operations are documented, but also because they indicate just how few people actually get to ride on Dragster each day.

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If they CAN open it at some point, this year, they probably should. Sitting for 2 years is NOT good for it.

^When they cut up the track into little slices and sell them for $420 apiece, I doubt the effects of an extended sitting will have relevance.

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Just a comment from me on the aesthetic impact of a removal of TTD, it's affect on the skyline.

This morning I was at Marblehead Lighthouse. As I looked across at CP from that vantage point the overwhelming structure was the TTD tower. It seemed to dwarf anything else.

It's funny, because now I kinda want to go back to the archives and see what people were saying in 2003 because I'm almost certain I remember people complaining about TTD overwhelming the skyline, particularly with it being the top hat and not a 'natural' lift hill and drop shape.

This was also the era that the official website had the animated skyline banner, which I kinda miss now while acknowledging that it was definitely a product of its time web design-wise.

I have the same feeling about the removal of Wicked Twister. It was such a cool part of the skyline.

As for TTD’s impact on the skyline, that would be a huge loss. One of my favorite things is when we stay at Camp Sandusky, we can see TTD and MF waaaaaaaay off in the distance above the tree line from Rt 2. According to Google Maps that’s a sight line of just under 6 miles.


I thought Wicked Twister was a beautiful part of the skyline. TTD to me is an eyesore. I've always said I'd rather have the winding scenic walkway (pre-chaos) past Troika and along the lagoon over TTD, and that's coming from a big time coaster enthusiast.

Along those lines, I'd rather have Iron Dragon set deeper in the woods, especially for night rides, as it was before Mantis/Rougarou and TTD, than either of those coasters. But that's just me.

On another note, just to drop this in here in lieu of starting some other thread... rode Iron Gwazi yesterday and IMHO its not even remotely in the same league as Steel Vengeance. I expected the comparison to be much closer, with the main differentiator to be ride length, but no.

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Iron Gwazi to me was much more enjoyable, and a far more comfortable ride. Easier to ride repeatedly as well. Huge improvement over Gwazi.

Rather than tearing it down, they could use the current structure as part of the new 500 foot Polar Coaster!!

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Or they could keep the tower for a new air launched TTD, add a 500’ poler coaster to the tower and put the worlds largest Perkins on top.

that’ll show those I-drive people how to run an attraction.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Bringing this topic back to life...

So there are rumblings about markings around TTD. And the bushes being completely removed around the exit and entrance. Any confirmation on this?

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Multiple fan sites have posted photos on social media confirming this, yes. Utility markings can mean many things but the specific removal of landscaping is interesting. I would find it odd that if the idea was to move the queue or reinforce it; and additionally replace the damaged track segments, that work would be starting so soon. I feel as though we will likely know more as the season winds to a close.

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And so it begins! Will “it” be refurbishment or demolition? I’m nervous…

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If the markings are for the relocation of the queue line, I wonder then if that means the removal of the SpeedZone gift shop and/or the grandstands to make some more room for the midway.

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*If* the ride stays and *if* the queue is relocated, I ask two questions

1) Are your relocating it simply for show?

2) Are you relocating it because there's a chance this will happen again?

In either case - relocating the queue isn't the answer. Either the ride can safely operate without pieces falling off or it can't.

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^Relocating "for show" would go along with mechanical or process improvements that would be targeted at eliminating the failure mode. So sure, relocating the queue may not be the full answer, but it also gives some additional peace of mind to anyone who's familiar with the incident, as well as an additional layer of safety should something else happen.

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I don't feel that relocating the queue is a reasonable step. If they need to relocate the queue, they'd also need to relocate or cover all of the midway, bleachers, and employee access paths adjacent to the ride. That seems rather unlikely.


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