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You know what's even more offensive and insensitive? This ride injured someone, and we've heard a few vague sentences from the park since it happened. Just pointing that out. More transparency please, don't just make this one go away with an NDA and $$$, and hope everybody forgets it happened.

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Ok, im not sure im following you. There was an investigation, Cedar point was found not liable. Then Cedar Point moved to continue to keep the ride closed. What am I missing? How has this been swept under the rug?

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I don't know if I have anything constructive to add to that at this point other than the obligatory "I think /pol/ is leaking" /s.

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We were all privy to a 600 + page report that was very detailed. I'm not sure what more transparency one could want. And yes, many of us here read it months ago, and we already discussed it at some length.

With regards to the woman's condition (which always seems to be a topic of fascination for many), that's no one's business unless the family chooses to make it so.

No one who follows the park, works at the park, or truly cares about the park will ever forget that this incident happened.

Sometimes in this life really ****ty things happen, even when humans are playing by the rules and guidelines created by other humans to ensure the safety of even more humans. It's really easy to read the details of the report and use hindsight to play the what-if game regarding this situation. Beyond the report, I'm not sure what more there is to know.

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Lets just get back on topic and talk about the reimagining of TTD!

While it is a tight timeline, I don't think that it is out of the question that the ride could reopen in 2023. It takes about a month to ship the track to / from Europe. Then if we allow three months to refurbish the track, Cedar Point could have all the track back by the start of April. If the track is shipped back as the sections are finished, modified track could start showing up again by the start of February.

Really? I have been thinking the exact opposite.
Three months to refurb the track, to me sounds like a really tight timeline. (not to mention shipping can be slow these days).

We have no idea what they are going to do to the track. How much work has to be done to refurb it and send it back? My guess is that it's going to be a potentially long process. That is, if they are reusing this old track.

My guess is that dragster refurb is 2024 at the earliest. I would be shocked if it opened next season.

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Frog Hopper King:

Lol dude, your right, none of us saw that post until he pointed it out. We all missed it. It's pretty lame to resort to personal attacks.


I'll take your thoughts into consideration.

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Just to be clear, the right side of the argument regarding humor is not with anyone making an offensive joke about a woman whose life was changed by a pretty terrible accident. That's very much an asshole thing to do, and if you think something is unfair, well, please navigate elsewhere. After 23 years here of people being victims not responsible for their own actions, I can assure you that no one will miss you.

And Jesus, are we really looking to TikTok for the gold standard in comedy? That's depressing.

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Red Garter Rob:

Yes. Have you?

I did. And I’m wondering if RL put the IF4I in backwards and upside down. :-D

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No jokes were made about any woman here. Only statements made about the ridiculous nature of a multi billion dollar corporation building, operating, and maintaining a flawed machine that maybe should be named something more accurate to what type of experience they provide. They have said maybe five sentences since the incident happened, including the few sentences about reimagining that this thread is about. The report was put out by a government agency, not cedar point.

But, the CP stans here are simping hard. Example: "CP was found not liable". Sounds like any victims have no course of action 😢 if that is the case.

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Dude, it was clearly a lame attempt at humor that landed with a thud, resulting in you desperately backpedaling ever since. Maybe just take the "L" on this and move on.

Regarding the incident and communication from the park, what exactly are you owed? As has been pointed out, there's an exhaustive, publicly-available report for those who want to sift through the how and why. A tragic, freak accident occurred, resulting in an unimaginable injury, and as a result the park has kept the ride closed since that incident and is now modifying said ride so as to make it safer in the future. Beyond that the park doesn't owe you, or anyone other than the victim and her family, a damn thing. If their lack of accommodation to your personal curiosity or whatever is not sufficient, don't go to Cedar Fair parks anymore. They won't miss you.


How is it some don’t get run for language like this and others who use far less language do? Seems pretty one sided to me, just sayin. Doesn’t this break the rules of the site? Item #2 set forth in the posting guidelines…..

Had you carefully read the guidelines, you'd have noted that "highly objectionable" language is forbidden, and automatically replaced with "*******" when used. So obviously that particular word is not considered "highly objectionable." Now, I'm sure if I went around using that type of language in every other post, I would get called out on it, and rightfully so. But sometimes people need to be called out for being and/or saying something awful. This, to me, was one of those times. Not just the dumb, unfunny, and insensitive attempt at humor, but the subsequent justification of that "joke" as some sort of new and edgy humor that only the hippest among us "get."

Also, I find your pearl clutching over words delightfully ironic considering your complaint of this site being LIBERAL.

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Well said Brandon.

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If anyone still thinks the absence of Dragster matters, you know, check out the financial results.

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Those attendance numbers are probably inflated a little bit due to coming off the pandemic. There were a lot of people that haven't been to a theme park since before the pandemic hit so it probably didn't matter much what rides were operating. A bigger test will be next year (assuming it doesn't open until 2024) after everyone had a chance to come back this year. Then again we may still be in a recession next year so that might not be a good indication either.

The ride catalog and unique offerings are what attract people to the parks. You keep dismissing the idea of "Suprilitives". Why is it then that almost every major attraction that Cedar Point Debuts has these superlatives? I distinctly remember when Valravn and Steel Veng were announced they specifically drew attention to them being the tallest coasters of their kind. These "superlatives" seem to matter to some degree to the planning team when creating the E-Ticket experiences.

I will say this, I think you are correct in saying that specifically, Dragster is not a make-it-or-break-it to people attending Cedar Point. They could leave it SBNO for years if they wanted and they probably wouldn't feel a hit attendance-wise. I think all that I (and maybe others are saying) is that Cedar Point has deemed it a good ROI to revitalize the ride. They must to some level care about how Dragster added to their catalog of attractions.

I agree though, superlatives alone are not how the industry is going. People expect a well-rounded experience (good food, good views, live entertainment, Snoopys bounce house, and nice bathrooms). Cedar Point (and cedar fair as a whole) is shifting its focus and it is proving successful. (just compare Six stock to FUN. Night and day).

@Maverickdude I do think that sometimes Attendance can be a lacking indicator. For example, attendance is high now at Disney, but people currently attending are getting frustrated with Disneys current operations, they may choose to go to Universal next time instead.

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Also Jeff, I am curious as to what the quarter results including Halloweekends will be. The weather in October each weekend was nearly perfect, and some of the Thursday nights were fairly busy as well.

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