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Red Garter Rob:

Which physics says...

He blinded me... WITH SCIENCE!

Potential energy, kinetic energy, friction, blah blah blah. Middle school physics, y'all.

No matter what they do, even if they're going to reuse track, do you really think some dudes are gonna climb up on it, weld some stuff to it, in the comfort of outdoor Sandusky in October? Y'all know what the weather is like, right?

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That’s an assumption. We don’t know if this will open in 2023 or 2024. Maybe they’ll do the tower next spring or summer. I do know it took them 2 (or was it 3?) seasons to repaint dragster so I think this is a long project. It’s safe to say there’s a good chance they’re repainting if they’re going to completely retheme the ride. Also, dudes for other a century have been up 1,000+ feet in the air welding ****. If they could do it when the Empire State Building was being built, they can do it now. Then again people are pansies nowadays

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There's actually a lot of things they were able to do while building the Empire State Building that they cannot do now.

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Several people died constructing Empire State, which is probably something Cedar Fair would prefer to avoid, even if it means being branded "pansies" by Internet Tough Guys.

But to Jeff's point, even if they were reusing track for a new launch, incorporating mounting provisions (and whatever other modifications) is something better done in a machine shop where they not only aren't fighting inclement weather, but also have better access to precision tooling, etc.


I think their point was that people work outside, including welding, in conditions much harsher than Sandusky in October.

True though my guess is that major modifications to the tower structure would take us beyond the possibility of opening next year anyways so why not do that next spring with better conditions. Also as has been brought up before I would think additions to the tower would require revisions to the current foundation which may or may not actually be possible.

My point is there are many professions that work outside in the deadass cold weather everywhere. It’s part of the job. How do you think all the coasters were built at cedar point?

But obviously the more machining they do prior to install and then bolting/torquing things into place is the best way to go.

Either way people will be 400 feet in the air, whether it’s paining, welding, or torquing giant bolts into place.

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Cool. You should let Clermont Steel Fabricators know that they don't need their building.

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Sandusky weather in October can be pleasant. It’s once you get to December that the outdoor weather can be consistently unpleasant. Cedar Point has assembled rollercoasters in the winter before, they can do it again. There was a video of Cedar Point topping Millennium Force with lots of snow on the ground.

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Assembling a roller coaster isn't the same as modifying an existing one, especially when we're talking about potentially incorporating new, sophisticated launch technology into an existing product.

Yes, it can be done outside in the winter, no one is saying otherwise. But if it doesn't have to be done in those harsh conditions, why would you?


Right, I really don’t think this will be done this off-season as I believe this is more likely a 2024 project.

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Considering the Daleks were in charge of the construction of the Empire State Building as it was nearing completion, I dunno that that's the best comparison to make here, SRE123.

I’m so excited just to see how this all plays out. I can’t say that Mantis/Rougarou did anyone any favors. It truly is-what-it-is. However, MS/SV was a home run. I appreciate this trajectory of bringing old attractions into the modern age. Cheers to back-to-back coaster homers!

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I've secretly been hoping for a T Rex track up that tower. I am not an engineer, I am an electrician. I have know idea what is even possible. But RMC using that T Rex track up, over, around that tower sounds like a good thing to me. Highly unlikely. Definitely a wishlist type thought. But hey, dream big.

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Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

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My guess is that the re-envisioned ride concept will be announced on January 9th, 2023, the 20th anniversary of the original announcement / press kit send out.

I couldn't imagine a better date to put the details out, since they seem to be following the "you can see it but you don't know" scheme that they did originally with TTD.

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Magnum's tunnel has sounds and lights.

EDIT: Now this post makes no sense since the post it was a response to was deleted. But just in case you didn't know, Magnum's tunnel has sounds and lights.

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Magnum's tunnel has sounds and lights.

Can confirm, as of 48 mins ago, Magnum's tunnel has sounds and lights.

And as of now (12:54 am) it does not have sounds and lights - because it is closed.

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I never knew it had sound effects and lights until they restored them a few years ago. Now, as we pass through the enclosed section, my son who is on the autism spectrum always says this: "Dad what is it? It's the robot alien monster!"

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I couldn't imagine a better date...

Well, at least you acknowledge that it's a product of your imagination.

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