Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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Hand stand coaster coming soon

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Bozman said:

Pure speculation, a thought that just occurred to me. Is it possible there will in fact be an LSM launch added, with a reduction in the height of the top hat? To account for the length of the launch track. Something akin to Storm Runner? I believe that is an LSM launch, correct?

They can always continue the LSM launch UP the spike. It doesn't need to remain on flat track, so I don't see why (unless the entire curvature upward still isn't enough) to get up to appropriate speed to clear the top, it can't be LSM without having to modify the height.

Better idea, lift chain/cable all the way to the top. Top Thrill Elevator, 0 to 15 mph in 60 seconds. They could even put a new restaurant up there.

The way they worded the announcement I think something as simple as same coaster with new trains and LSM is short of “reimagined”. Could we see a whole new post top hat layout added to the ride?

Cedar Point to retire Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster after 19 seasons: Park ‘creating a new and reimagined ride experience’ 'After 19 seasons in operation with 18 million riders experiencing the world’s first strata coaster, Top Thrill Dragster, as you know it, is being retired.'

My prediction is new launch. I focused on the key phrase “as you know it”

We will see!

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vwhoward said:

If all this LSM speculation turned our to be correct, color me surprised.

If they do go with lsm launch, I will have a lot of apologies to make, as I thought the lsm theory was the dumbest ever. Last time I'll listen to the Walking Taco guy. Not as reliable as Lemon Chill.

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Remember, no matter what happens, CP is not bound to use Intamin for any remodel. They own the ride and if the want Thomas the Tank Engine to hook up new track they can. Besides, many manufacturers would be happy with a Cedar Point project and have it in their catalog.
What if TTD were to have the Stormrunner/Xcelerator the Ride treatment? If the top hat is shortened (or not) to accommodate whatever launch is desired, Corkscrew is removed, and the stretch from Scrambler to where Corkscrew’s station was is re-used for a reimagined, longer full circuit? All this for the 2024 season.
I’d be in favor of that.

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New launched giga with layout after lowered top hat. No, but seriously, it could be anything at this point.

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Its a refurb people.. the letter says "as we know it" My bet is taller than Kingda ka and faster.

'Son of Top Thrill Dragster', ;Low Thrill Dragster', Dragster 2.0'.

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Or add another tower to the south end, have it pick up speed as it goes back and forth, call it wicked dragster.

Top Thrill Dragster but Backwards like the Racer

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Apparently the Intamin site lists TTD as a LSM Launch Coaster?

Another thought... just being sillly... a 500 foot flying coaster!

The wording definitely makes it seem like it's being rethemed and in someway reworked. I've thought for a while it would be really cool for Cedar Point to retheme Dragster to Ohio's space history. Make it where the cars are rocket ships launching you to space and paint the ride blue and white with some red to match NASA colors. Could also redo the queue and put buildings in the infield that are like a space station guests walk through so that riders are protected. 5 years ago I'd say this was way too much theming but with the latest projects that Cedar Fair has been doing this level of theming is no longer outside their wheelhouse.

Dragster is listed as LSM launch coaster on Intamin site (at the bottom):

That’s always been like that.

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So... here's an absolutely insane idea for how they could make the LSM work. It's probably not plausible, but hear me out.

Could they add a backward vertical spike in order to create a rolling launch to get to 120 mph?

It would allow them to change the launch mechanism, add a new (to CP) ride experience, and keep what makes TTD TTD.

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