Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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Plague on Wheels:

you will get a 400 foot or so rollback

You mean a roll forward?

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

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screwed the pooch

Freudian slip. 😉

Package aficionado. Sit tight fellas ;)

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Plague on Wheels:

It only makes it to a point higher than Wicked Twister's total height after one launch. That sucks dude. I'll sit this one out. Yawn.

What was all this talk about "sit tight fellas" then? I mean if this is the final product, didn't you know it all along? Why the disappointment? 🙄

He's since changed his mind.

Flying backwards at 100 MPH and then up the spike without shoulder restraints will be awesome. I imagine the feeling will be like Skyhawk but even more intense. I enjoy taking friends on Skyhawk for the first time, they always have the same oh crap reaction when there is little to hold onto and your facing the ground.

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What was all this talk about "sit tight fellas" then?

Trolling for attention.

I was schadenfreude-scrolling back through some older posts, and came across PKevin2004's guess at the ride:


I got bored and decided to make a guess at how fast the launches are going to be. I assumed:

  • The ride will have three launches - forward, back up a spike, forward over the top hat
  • The energy input for each launch is the same
  • Way oversimplify physics (no friction, no air resistance, etc…)

I ended up with:

69 mph first launch
98 mph second launch
120 mph final launch
~320 ft rear spike

I doubt I’ll be right, but it’ll be interesting to see how close I got.

If the leak turns out to be accurate, I'd say you got it pretty damned close, PKevin. You were off by a combined 8MPH on the first two launches. Not bad.


That’s the most I’ve used my engineering degree in the last 10 years lol

The views and floater Air Time from the backwards launch will be epic, and thrilling! Followed by the potentially 300' feet or more free fall at a 90 degree angle, then the 120 MPH launch over the 420' Top Hat. Going to be a popular attraction, no doubt. Can't wait to see what the Park has for us tomorrow.

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I forgot the sarcasm tag on my Wicked Twister post. A single launch that eclipses what Wicked Twister did in 6 launches is impressive. No yawns here.

And of course, after that first launch of 74mph, sit tight fellas, because we're just getting started ;)

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Package aficionado. Sit tight fellas ;)

The amount of folks on social media bad mouthing this new attraction is hilarious. Especially the ones saying the park messed up really bad. Tell that to the thousands of people who will be in line all summer waiting to ride this. Amazing how because it didn’t meet the insane RCT predictions of 500 feet it’s suddenly the worst idea the park has ever had.

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Seems eerily similar to people on social media that said they were never go to another game after the Indians rebranded to Guardians. Yet attendance is up huge this year…

People will undoubtably ride this new version of TTD. Their friends and family will ride it too.

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It has to be better than waiting over an hour most days just to have the ride shut down and finally get a 17 second ride. I'm sure it will be better, and agree why are people so upset and disappointed. From the sounds of what was supposedly leaked it's going to be way better than it's predecessor and hopefully (fingers crossed) more reliable!

Can't wait to see what they tell us all tomorrow.

Some people seem to look for ways to be disappointed. Unreasonable expectations. Or nitpicking everything to find faults. We had people a while back who were upset about rumors that other rumors might not come true. Social media seems to allow those people to gather and multiply the disappointment. Life is too short.

Reimagined ride sounds fun to me. Looking forward to the official announcement and riding the new ride in 2024.

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Social media seems to allow those people to gather and multiply the disappointment. Life is too short.


You can't be serious...

Not that dj needs my help, but based on your claim, when a park announces a ride will be built by Intamin, the GP flocks to that park simply because it was built by Intamin. You cannot be serious if you think the GP cares about the manufacturer.

I was poking around on the Zamperla site and the more I look around, the more I think that there is a strong possibility that yesterday's "leak" wasn't legitimate. The link that made the rounds was simply None of their other news releases have URLs that are formatted in that manner.

For example: Their article about Wild Mouse had this address:

... and their Formula Rossa Jr. article has this address:

Note that they both have a subdirectory.... "coaster" or "news-events" instead of going straight to the ride name like the TT2 link did. In fact, I can't find any articles on their site that had a URL format similar to the one on the supposed TT2 page.

I think that there is a good chance that the page was hacked and that we all (myself included) have been punked.

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Was their YouTube channel hacked as well then? Because a legitimate video of the switch track was embedded on that page.

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Right, and not just a random example of switch track. It appeared to be the actual switch track that will be installed in Sandusky.


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I noticed the same thing (regarding the website) and how both the URL structure, as well as the general page structure itself was different than the rest of the pages on their website. That definitely seems suspicious.

However, the videos are pretty hard to explain. While the page could be discredited, the videos were definitely on their YT and both consisted of the switch track as well as the track modification / support fabrication that both look the same as TTD.

We'll see tomorrow about the details.

I agree C Hurtling. I find it so hard to believe that Zamperla had a leak with a project of this magnitude...a mistake this big. Still very curious why the footers on the return curve into the station are so large, with smaller footers right next to them. Maybe the station as we know it is not the new station, and that is a high speed turn? No clue, seems very odd.

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