Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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That reverse spike is going to be wild. Holy crap. I didn't think it was going to go over 200. That thing is going to be insane.

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Getting to the top of the spike and looking DOWN on 300 ft power tower… yeah that’s gonna be insane.

It’s nice because you can experience Superman: Escape from Krypton (the backwards side) and Kingda Ka in the same ride without having to go to two different parks on opposite coasts. Take that Six Flags! ;)

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Second, why all the hate and negativity just because some people said they are disappointed. Are they not allowed to have their own opinions and expectations? If the ride doesn't appeal to them , why are some people crucifying them because it's not their taste or style?

Having an opinion doesn't mean you're immune from criticism. If they don't like the end result, fine. They are free to hold those opinions or vent their criticisms. No one's saying they have to like it.

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I was pulling for intamin, but that being said this leak basically confirms what I was hoping the attraction would be.

I guess my one concern is the capacity. Seems like it could be a capacity nightmare with only three trains. But we shall see.

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This sounds like it'll be a fun coaster! I am curious to see how the new trains ride. There were some initial reactions that seemed disappointed in the first launch speed. Seems like this would put the train right around the 90° twist, I'd think?

Honestly IMO this was the right move as a rollback was pretty disorienting having experienced one in the front row on the original. Incredible experience to be sure, and one of if not the most memorable moment I've ever had on a coaster, but rolling backwards down the hill after nearly cresting the top hat was somewhat jarring even with the small 90° twist, not to mention hitting the brakes backwards which didn't feel the best. Being right at the 90 ° twist should be more comfortable but still thrilling enough.

Maybe it was the fact it was lightly sprinkling just before launching and adrenaline was off the charts but I think a continuous motion backward with added speed after going ~halfway up the top hat or so is a nice balance and should make for a solid (top) thrill.(Surely that's a placeholder name :) at least there are still some things to speculate on!)

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I love a good leak, whether it be in games, music, or coasters.

What about taking a leak?

Not sure how anybody can have the “I am so disappointed” opinion right now. You didn’t even see the renderings, and you haven’t even ridden the ride.

Zamperla can’t seem to make a reliable Wild Mouse for Cedar Point…I’m not sure I’d call Top Thrill 2 “reliable” or even “more reliable” just yet. With how unreliable Wild Mouse has been, if I were Cedar Fair, I’d be sh***ing my pants…and now with this leak from them. Someone’s in real big trouble!

Well, the leak comes from a different department than the ones who are actually designing this reimagined ride.

This sounds great to me!

I'm surprised (pleasantly) the back spike is that HIGH - as tall at the main tophat. That will be an amazing moment, even if you "only" go up 370 on it -- bigger, steeper drop than Millennium Force!

My only "complaint" (and it's not that) is that I was hoping for a higher / faster first launch so that the rollback would be from a higher spot on the top hat (72 mphs will put most of the train shy of 200 feet). That said, I completely get it -- it would be silly (and excessively time consuming) to be shooting up that high.

I think this will be a great ride - my only concern is dispatch time..... at 20 people per train (my assumption) you would ideally like a 60 sec launch dispatch interval to get 1200pph. Can they dispatch every 60 seconds?

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someone saying “if you’re disappointed then stay out of line!”

Well, at least they didn't say "queue line".

I love a good leak

At my age I must say I do as well, but a tad bit more frequently. Ohhhh, you were referring to TTD2!

I'd bet money there will be a Steel Vengeance style setup with no loose articles allowed (hopefully more effectively implemented to have a constant line waiting to board). That should theoretically help capacity but who knows how fast the switch track will operate. Most likely still have to wait until it completely clears the top hat to put a new train on the launch track?

I don’t see why it can’t be done. Taking into consideration that the dispatch times had many variables on too thrill dragster, I don’t see the dispatches being much slower with this new ride. It shouldn’t take that long to check 20 seats in all honesty. I actually have a feeling with the lightning train design that the train in the station is going to be waiting for the train traveling the course to be completed. With the fast switch track, it wouldn’t take long to move the train from the station to the launch area.

I cant help but laugh at the generic business pictures included within the leaked article. So bizarre

^ I imagine that they were intended to be placeholder images until the park released official images.

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If this is legit…it Sounds great to me! I’m just glad the ride didn’t get scrapped!

I’m all for a rollback and 100+mph launches…one being backwards! 2024 can’t get here soon enough!

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Is Zamperla’s website down? I get the following when navigating to it.

It’s been down since shortly after the post was discovered. Somebody panicked.

Top Thrill 2 has to be a place holder name. Also. If they can get this to dispatch every 60 seconds, which seems plausible to me, it would be 1200 an hour. TTD1.0 had a peak capacity of 1000. So we could be looking at a 20% peak capacity increase even with 3 trains.

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