Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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But not until it wraps around Power Tower, which is, in fact, a support.

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Not following the logic part. Those footers are pretty big for only a gentle slope.

Imagine Cedarpoint building a "Gentle slope" for TTD 2.0

So my official guess for spike height based on some Garbo math and extrapolation (based on Pantheon dimensions and shoddy google maps distance measurement) is 310’

If this swing launch is going to follow the same cadence as Pantheon, the initial launch, given the length of the launch track, will surely get the train 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the top hat. That’s 210-315 feet. Pantheon then accelerates the train a second time, in reverse. I can’t see a scenario in which this spike doesn’t reach at least 300 feet.

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I am still hoping that the circuit gets reversed, load still happens under the station, staging and launch sequence happens on the old brake side. then it launches over the tophat and does a new height record and roll back. Once over the top hat is a new block which helps a lot with throughput as apposed to having the back and forth stuff be the leading part of the sequence. Top thrill roll back

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Like Jeff said why would they build around an existing ride if they were going to remove it?????


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Everyone bookmark your posts. 😆

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If we assume the triangular footer is for a spike, it makes sense that the pullout could begin just south of the canopy, and the track would clear ID without issue.

Also, just to clear up the terminology, the footer is the pink rectangle, the support foundation is green. At least that's how the terms apply for building construction.


Interesting find on Reddit. It appears the Dragster trains are still on site in a “back lot” area. Does anyone think there is any chance at all they don’t get new trains and instead refurb the TTD trains and just slap em back on?

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Going to go out on a limb and say that if they are being stored in this way, I am doubtful the plan is to use them again.
I would imagine them being out in the elements during winter (if that's where they have been this offseason) would not be good for them.

Maybe they will incorporate them into the theming A la the incredible hulk?

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It would be absolutely shocking to see the old trains get refurbed, both for the reason Frog Hopper King mentioned and the fact that they're 20 years old.

I would say that the only way there's even the slightest chance of the trains being reused is if Intamin is doing the reimagining. And even then it seems incredibly unlikely.

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“It’s going to provide that thrill, and in Cedar Point fashion — doing something that nobody else has done.” - Tony Clark re: TTD 2.0.

Hmmmm 😀

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Yeah, people on FB are of course taking "something that nobody else has done" to mean something significant, when it would still be an accurate claim if all they were doing was converting it to an LSM launch.


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The roll back talk, and saying "Only 17 seconds long, the next generation will be much better", continues to fit the spike of some type theory. I don't think this is news to anyone following this site, but it is interesting seeing the parks comments on it.

Brandon, What about Red Force? Yes, it's a little bit shorter than TTD, but I highly doubt that Tony would make this statement if all we're going to see is an incremental height increase (taller existing tophat) over Red Force.

In marketing, you don't want to over-promise and under-deliver.

Like Jeff said, bookmark your comments.

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Red Force was not converted to an LSM launch, it was designed and built with one.

My point is that people can take a totally innocuous marketing statement like "something nobody else has done" and run insanely wild with it. Sort of like you did there by suggesting there will be a height increase. It's utterly illogical to make the leap from his statement to a height increase. His statement could just as easily and accurately mean that no one else has converted an Intamin hydraulic launch into LSM, and/or mean there will be a 80' spike.

I can't believe* we're still having the "don't take marketing speak literally" discussion.

*Kidding, I totally can. Enthusiasts, man.


Frog Hopper King:

Going to go out on a limb and say that if they are being stored in this way, I am doubtful the plan is to use them again

That's how all the other coaster trains get stored during the offseason

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Really? I thought they either were:

  1. sent to the workshop to be stripped down and worked on
  2. Wrapped in a vacuum seal.

I can't think of an example of them leaving the trains out all off-season. Maybe I'm completely wrong here, but I doubt it.

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Oh god. Here come the Twitter and YouTube predictions of breaking 500 ft with and extended too hat or mega spike based off that “something nobody else has done” comment.

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