Top Thrill 2 Pit Stop -, Ep 7

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Very naive. This sort of thing happens all the time.

I'm very much aware of the world around me and the various atrocities and corruptions that happen in it. I'm not oblivious to these things. You don't know me, so don't label me as a naive person.

Also, just because those things do happen, doesn't mean it's the case for everything or even the case here. Especially when we don't even know what happened.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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I'm convinced Professor Delbert intercepted the drone.

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Does anyone else think the new station is going to be tight? I'm wondering how they are going to fit all the different lines. Maybe it's just a perspective issue from this angle.

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It'll definitely be way more cramped in there with the new configuration. I'll definitely miss how open Dragster's station was. On the flip side, it'll be wild how close we'll be able to get to a train going 100mph.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

Won't there normally be a train sitting in the load/unload station when a train is on the course?

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That was certainly my understanding; one on the course, one full "ready to go", and one being loaded/unloaded.

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Watch that video again and check out the rattle on them big wheels as the train descends from the spike projecting toward the station. Me thinks this ride will have a little Zamperla Twerk to it. Zwerk'n

Sit tight fellas ;)

TTD 120mph:

don't label me as a naive person.

I wasn't making any commentary on who you are as a person.

I was simply stating my opinion that a particular belief you espoused is naive.

And, I also wasn't making any inference about what CF and/or its legal team may or may not have done relative to LEL. I was commenting conceptually in general.

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Having a naive opinion would make me, the person, naive. No?

You assumed my comment came from a place of naivety when you asserted (as a statement of fact, not "opinion") that I wasn't aware that "these things happen all the time". My response was to state that I am very much aware that such things happen and that my comment is not naive.

And the last part of my response wasn't meant to be an accusation. I understand your first response was to my comment.....even though my comment was about the LEL/CP issue.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

TTD 120mph:

Having a naive opinion would make me, the person, naive. No?


For example, I have a 98th percentile IQ. I'm far from stupid. But I've done some damn stupid things in my life.

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Weird flex.

See Adam; you're not naive. Just damn stupid.

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It was (again, most likely) a violation of some kind that has consequences.

Right, but what I don't get is why it took so long for CF to enforce those consequences, given there were an awful lot of videos stretching back many months that were all suddenly removed. Did all of those videos violate some CF policy that they actually have the authority to enforce? And if so, why did it take all these many months for CF to decide to act?

This is why I keep coming back to CF finally seeing LEL violate some FAA regulation (most likely flying over people given it's pretty clear the drone was very much in the park, which would have been enough to have the offending video(s) removed, but every single last second of all of them? That sounds like someone who had the crap scared out of them by CF's by way of legal and/or financial ruin, or by threatening with a ban. Which, if true, is pretty crappy on behalf of the park.

TTD 120mph:

On the flip side, it'll be wild how close we'll be able to get to a train going 100mph.

We'll be close, but at least per the renders, there will be a wall separating the train on the course from the one in the station. It'll certainly be wild going 100mph in what will essentially be a tunnel.


You're right - they do show what looks to be some sort of metal wall between the main track and the load/unload area.

I am trying to remember how close the block wall was to Wicked Twister as a comparison. I would guess the wall on TT2 is much closer.

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My comment about the station was about where the line will be. Specifically, if you look at the left of the station there seems to be very little room for the stanchions. I just wonder how they plan to utilize the space.

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This pic has some detail on their plans for the wall and lines in the station.

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the offending video(s) removed, but every single last second of all of them?

I'm not familiar with LEL's Youtube channel, just the videos I stumble upon here or on a facebook page. Just wondering if they shoot video at other locations around LE (as their name implied), or just CP. I'm wondering if the complete removal of videos could be related to an accumulation of violations at various venues, or violating some YouTube policy, or a personal legal matter. It is rather telling though that it occured just when the launch testing was imminent.

So I noticed the Christmas tree lights are still on the tower…can anyone confirm or deny if those will be staying?! And if they are staying will they just be there shut off or light up yellow yellow yellow green like TT1?

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Tony confirmed a couple of months ago that it was still TBD on whether the lights would be able to stay. I don't believe we have received an update since.

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To be honest in the absolute nicest way of putting it, I don’t see why they can’t stay. Unless it is cost prohibitive all they would really have to do would be paint it blue and put a Top Thrill 2 sign on it. I also understand it might be hard to do given the fact the ride has three separate launches now, but I’m hopeful they might perhaps be able to find a way to make it work.

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Why not light each set of the Yellow lights at each launch, then light the Green set when the train is over the top.

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