To wear a mask or not wear a mask?

When and if Cedar Point opens for the 2020 are you wearing a face mask?

I say I wouldn't, unless required to by law.

By Dr. Acton's words today, it sounds like we may all have to for the 2020 season.

I’ve been wearing masks in public since mid February. Got really strange looks at first but now it’s normal. It’s a dual chamber respirator mask so it probably looked way over the top when this began.

I can’t imagine allowing masks on rides. The wind is going to rip them right off.

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^So I guess bring spare masks to the park with you.

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IF Cedar Point opens in 2020, which personally I find unlikely and unimportant in the grand scheme of things, I probably wouldn't even go. But if I did for some reason, yes, I would wear a mask as much as I was possibly allowed. I still work during this because my workplace is considered essential, but since we don't have many people here in the building, masks aren't necessary. Anytime I HAVE to go out in public however, I have been wearing a mask, and will most likely continue to do so for quite some time.

I will be wearing a mask. Washing my Hands. I also will be holding a small Hand Sanitizer so after I get off every Coaster or Ride I will be Cleaning My Hands.

I'll just wear a full hazmat suit when I visit. Seems appropriate.

In reality, IF the parks can have a 2020 season, I would assume masks would be required. And if they're required I would wear it.

I work in Pharma so have a mask on is just day to day for me. Has been for the last 10 years.

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Masks are uncomfortable. I have a cloth one for when I go into a place like a store where there may be alot of people in an enclosed space. But anywhere else, I don't really wear it.

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A basic cloth type sure, an N95 nah I will just stay home.

I bought a box of 3M N95 masks about 13 years ago for mowing the lawn when my allergies were really bad. They are uncomfortable and difficult to breathe through and really hot. After about 3 mows I gave up and paid a neighbor kid to mow it for me.

They may work fine indoors with air conditioning but can’t imagine using them as a guest in the park, especially having to remove it constantly to drink fluids. As a ride-op in July or August wearing one would be absolutely miserable and would likely require frequent breaks. Reason #245 I really doubt the parks could open anytime soon.

They're really only needed in spaces where you can't keep a minimum of 6-8ft of space. So grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. You shouldn't need to wear it 24/7.

Also, please where them correctly. These are not N95 masks so their efficacy is limited but if you do not completely cover your mouth and nose they are useless.

It's so hard for me to not lecture strangers on proper PPE usage. Seeing people wear a mask but not covering their nose, or having it hang loose, or constantly touching it and adjusting it completely voids any protection you're trying to achieve.

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Only at CPS.

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Try wearing a mask at Walt Disney World in August. There is no way I could to it...event if I wanted to.

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If there was a mandate that patrons needed to wear a mask in the park and someone wasn't, would they get ejected?

Will they enforce that rule as much as they enforce the "No Smoking" policy {Cough Cough}

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Masks are not allowed in the park. At least during Halloweekends.

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^I've got a feeling this won't be the case this year. If they open.

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For me, the number of reasons not to far outnumber the reasons to do so. Unless it's a requirement, my answer is "no".

I'll keep my distance, not 'spray' in your face, and stay home if I know I'm sick.

It has been interesting. Last week when the advice to use face coverings first came out, I saw quite a few at the grocery store. The next day in the same store, I didn't see hardly any. Purely anecdotal, of course, but I wonder if a lot of people tried them out, decided they were a nuisance and gave up on them.

As others have noted, once summer temperatures get here, lots of people are going to be weighing practicality against official advice.

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I was actually surprised to see so many people wearing them in my area way before there was much talk about using them. Tomorrow I am heading into a county where it is mandatory to wear them so it'll be interesting to see how many people are doing so.

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I think it would be hard to wear masks in the park. I wear glasses and there are certain rides you cannot wear them unless you have a strap because they don't want them falling off your face. I highly doubt your facemask would stay on during the Top Thrill Dragster. And a far less important factor... Your ride photo would look ridiculous

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Like this?

Let’s pray for a mild summer. If everyone is stuck at home electric usage is going to go way up and we already have issues with over taxing the electrical grid.

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That's not likely. If it's 100 degrees, people aren't shutting off their AC while at work, especially families where the kids are at home. But Ohio's grid is pretty poor regardless for uptime.

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No but if we are not going to be home for a good portion of the day say at the park, pool or out hiking I bump up the AC several degrees, the dog will be fine. My habits are probably not typical however, and places like CP will not be using much as well.

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