To cold for water rides?

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What do you consider to cold for water rides? It is looking to be about 55 degrees for my trip and I was thinking on taking my classmates on Thunder Canyon, but not if it's to cold.

Is the water generally colder in the early season since it comes from the lake?

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Please don't take this the wrong way, but there is a difference between to, two, and too. For some reason your using "to" instead of "too" bothers me.



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First, Sam's correct.

Second, there's no way I'd ride Thunder Canyon in 55 degree weather.

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Ride on, MrScott!

Thunder Canyon and Snake River Falls both open this past Sunday the 18th with temperatures in the high 40's to low 50's all day.

I saw two people ride Snake River Falls, they soon died of hypothermia shortly thereafter.

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May they rest in peace.

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^ No problem--they were already in cryogenic stasis at the time of death.

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factory81 said:
they soon died of hypothermia shortly thereafter.

Do you work for the redundancy department of redundancy too? :-D

I only ride the water rides if it's 75 degrees+.

i only ride the water rides if it's 85- 90 degrees

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In order for me to board the water rides the air temperature must be between 72.3 degrees and 97.8 degrees. The water temperature must be in excess of 77.4 degrees, and the winds MUST be coming from the SSW. I also prefer light cloud cover with a ceiling of over 3,000 feet.

I also have to be wearing green socks...

I'm very particular about my water rides.

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I dont ride the water rides at CP, Thunder Canyon is not a very good raft ride and Snake River Falls always has way too long of a line on days when I would consider doing it. I go to Soak City instead, and for me to want to do that it needs to be at least 80.

Soak City becomes very feasible if every ride in the park has their "max normal wait" or exceeding. Aka if Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, and Maverick all have 1 hour 45 minute - 2 hour long waits you are in the "max normal wait time". Without the ride breaking down I've never seen lines exceed 2 hour long waits.

It sucks to sit in those queues in the sweltering heat, and you get that fan to blow on you for 3 seconds and it moves position on you.

I've never rode Thunder Canyon but I want to.


That might be because two hours is the highest amount any ride time sign will go to. MF's used to go up to 4 hours but was also highly inaccurate because it only had 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 etc. I'm sure there have been times the wait has exceeded two hours on something and the sign only says two hours because that's as high as it goes. Not to mention that if it's as hot as it is crowded on any given day Soak City will probably be just as busy if not moreso than the park itself.

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Avalanche Sam,

I just couldn't help to note the irony of correcting phantom when you used the word your instead of you're. ;)


^^CP is a hard place to be for 13 hours (14 if its a Saturday) and then drive home afterwards. My 2-3 hours in Soak City floating on the Raging River not only beats the heat, but gives me time to rest (sometimes I even nap) but that and the shower that comes after that is a huge energy boost. It allows me to finish off the night strong and have no problem driving home. And what do I "lose" for doing that? 2-3 hours at a park with long waits and hot midways. I completely agree Soak City is a lifesaver.

Chihawk2: Actually, Sam is correct in his usage. He typed "your", the possessive referring to the phrase "using 'to' instead of 'too'", which in this case is acting as a noun. So he's right and you are wrong.

Have a nice day. :)

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I will only ride water rides if i am staying at breakers. If im making a 1 day trip i dont want to have wet clothes on the 2.5 hour drive home.

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Being a runner, I have a nice assortment of "dry-fit" clothes that can also pass as everyday clothes; shirts, shorts, socks, ect...and running shoes dry off very quickly. I always make sure im dressed this way, so after a water ride I dont have a 50 pound cotton shirt and khaki shorts im wearing around.

80 degrees, minimum.

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I'm surprised they have never waited until Memorial Day weekend to open the water rides like many of the shows and Soak City. They're doing lots of other things to save money, I wonder if that has ever crossed their minds.

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We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

^do you mean you're surprised they don't wait until memorial day?

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