Tips for a Brazilian (july 2014)

I'm form Brazil and I'm planning my first visit to Cedar Point with my 12 years old daughter in the end of July.

Looking for hotels, I noticed that the Breakers is much more expensive than other similar places. Is it worthy? I know the city is crowded in July, but how bad is the traffic in the roads and parking lot? Week days are as crowded as weekends?

And the lines at the park, they are smaller on week days? How long in a top attraction? The fastpass is a good idea?

Thanks a lot!

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How many days do you plan on staying? At the end of July, the park is normally crowded. The crowds will be lower on a weekday, but at the end of July the park can still be crowded since that is their peak season. If you are going to be at the park more than 1 day you shouldn't need a Fast Lane.

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To add to that, if you spend the extra money to stay at Breakers, you can have all your stuff in the room a short walk away, and not need to worry about crowded parking lots or busy roads, just park the car and you're there

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Oh, wait...

Thanks Everyone!
I'll try to stay at the Breakers, still thinking about the Fast Lane.
And sure, tons of lotion...

Dont forget about the benefit of early entry if you stay at breakers. Make sure you take full advantange of that hour.

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Carlos, since you are going for the first time and coming all the way from Brazil, I would recommend Fast Lane. As mentioned, end of July is the peak of the season, expect fairly long waits for major rides. Fast Lane would give you a lot more freedom to explore the park at your leisure as you are not spending all your time in line. CP is a huge park with a lot to see, I think Fast Lane would really maximize your enjoyment of the park.

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Depending on the number of days you plan to spend, I would seriously do either Fast Lane or stay at Breakers. If you stay at Breakers you get early entry and you can get a lot of the good rides in during that time. Perhaps do Fast Lane for just 1 day if you are going to have multiple days.

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