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Do employees get any complimentary admission tickets? If so, I would be interested in trading Disney comp tickets. Reply to this thread and I will let you know how to contact me. Thanks.

Yes, Cedar Point employees get 4 comp tickets after their first 30 working days.

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anyone interested contact me @ ucf_33@hotmail.com

It's not a good idea to post your email address online. Bots can easily pick them off of public pages.

Not to bring a topic back from the dead here, but I was wondering if any ticket booths are open? My girlfriend wants to buy her ticket at the gate and I'm not sure if they're allowing that yet from covid last year.

When I was there June 4-6, they were not. They all said "proceed to guest services." Whether they'd sell you one there or not, I don't know. I'd just do it online if you can. It's substantially cheaper to get it online.


Call the park and ask.

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I always found a bring a friend ticket was cheaper at the window than online because of the Accesso fee. However with the reservation system not sure how that works out now.

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