Thursday, June 12th.

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We parked in Soak City parking lot again. So our first coaster was Gemini. Our last trip was right after Labor Day, and we had so many walk ons. When we got to Gemini there was about a 20 minute wait. It sucked, because it being a Thursday we wern't expecting any waits really. So we only rode it once. It was a great way to start the day though. :)

I really wanted to ride Magnum next. But my sis dislikes it too much. She says it's too rough for her. So we headed toward Iron Dragon. There was a wait there too. But my sis said it was one of her favorites so we rode it. Got stopped in the middle of the ride again.

From there we went to MF. It was closed :( So we went to DT. It was closed. :( So we went to Raptor. The sign said 1 hour wait. But we waited at least 1 1/2 hours, if not more. But it was worth the wait. I love that coaster more and more everytime that I ride it. I think it is my 2nd favorite. Magnum being my first of course. :) And MF my 3rd.

From there we checked on DT again. Closed. I know it's just a little coaster. But we really love it, and wanted to ride it at least once.

We took a little break. My sis had a pretzel and I had a hot dog on a stick, or corndog as I call it. lol. It was really good. Not as bad as other people had said.

By this point it was mid day and we were really hot and mad. Last time we had already gotten 9 rides on coasters around 1pm, and this time we had only gotten 3. We decided to get soaked on Thunder Canyon. After Raptor's long, hot, wait the water felt really good.

From there we went back to MF and it was open. Waited forever and we got on the yellow train. We were both so excited. But then something terrible happened. For the first time I didn't completely enjoy my ride on Millie. The first half seemed rough. The 2nd half was amazing though. Does it make a difference which train you are in? We were in the yellow train, and later in the night we rode it twice in the red train and it was as smooth as ever.

We both almost blacked out too. Well I am not sure if we did or not. But things got really blurry right in between the first drop and up the second hill. I thought it was just me, but my sis said it happened to her too. Maybe it was from being in the heat. Has this ever happened to anyone else? That never happened to me before, and it scared me.

TTD was supposed to be next. But after that experience we were scared to ride. If the speeds on MF did that to us, what would happen to us on TTD? lol.

We were really hot again so we went to Snake River Falls. That was a nice ride. The day starting looking up from there.

We went back to Gemini. It was about a 10 minute wait or so, which was a relief from Raptor and MF's lines. In the morning only the red train was running. But the blue train was running this time! So we rode the blue train. It was extremely rough. I am not sure if it was because it was the blue train, or because we rode near the fronte. I rode Magnum in the fronte seat before, and it made me kind of sick because of all the air in my face. Since then, I have been a bit weary of riding coasters in the fronte seat.So I usually ride in the middle. This time we tryed to ride closer to the fronte to see if the wind would bother me. If not, we were going to ride it front seat the next time around. Do you think it was rough because it was the blue train, or because we rode near the fronte? It was Mean Streak rough. Next 2 rides we rode in the middle of the red trains, and they were fun. The blue train won all three times though.

Then we decided to see what Camp Snoopy was like. It is really cute! CP did a great job here for little kids! We decided to ride Wood Stock express. lol. The line wasn't even a 5 minute wait, and we never rode it before. For a little coaster, it was actually a lot of fun. Then we rode Tilt a whirl 3 times. I'm not sure whatthe ride op's name was there, but she was very nice.

After that we went to Maverick, but it was closed. :( So we decided to give MF another shot. We figured Millie was mad at us for not riding her first. lol. I know, we are silly. The line was moving really good this time. Then it started to rain. I have heard that even when it sprinkles it hurts a lot when riding MF. We hadn't eaten yet, and we planned on it after our ride. So we decided to just go and eat while it was raining.

It was a great break to sit in my sister's car and eat. We were in our bathing suits and sun dresses all day long. So we changed into something more comfy. Thankfully the rain let up too.

From there we decided to take the Sky Ride to DT. It was open. We got in line and it was moving pretty quick, until we got to the top of the stairs and it shut down. It was only supposed to be a 5 minute wait, but it was more like a 20. We waited anyway. We were afraid that we would leave and it would open right after we left. We actually were about to leave, but then it opened. So good thing we didn't. We decided to wait for the fronte seat, so we let some kids go infronte of us. 2 of the 3 ran ahead and the rid op closed the door. He went into the room to do something, and the one kid stood next to me saying to his friends, "Wait for me". There was an empty seat right infronte of his friends,so I asked the ride op if he would please let him ride with his friends. He let him in. And everyone behind me told methat I was very nice for doing that. Then it was our turn, and it was a nice ride. Very dark this time.

By this time it was dusk. We ran to Raptor. It was a very short line. The ride was amazing as usual. Then we headed back to MF. We rode the red train this time. I am not sure if the color of the train had anything to do with it, or if it was just the heat. But thistime the ride was not rough at all. It was better than ever. It was about 9:45 then and we wanted MF to be our last ride of the night. We got in our seats on the blue train, and we were told to get off. I guess theymessed something up, so they seat belted it up and pushed down all of the lap bars and sent it off. Then the yellow train came in, and someone puked in one of the seats. So they cleaned it and sent that one off. Then we got to ride the red train again, and I loved every second of it. I knew I had to savor it, because I won't beable to get back to CP until Halloweekends. :(

We headed to our car and saw Sky Scraper running so we sat down and watched these 2 little girls ride it. I am deathly afraid of heights, so just the thought of sitting up there while they are loading it scares me. So watching these 2 little girls do it, made me feel like a chicken. lol. Then we watched Rip Cord. That one actually looks fun though.

From there we headed home. All in all it was a pretty good day. Any day at CP is a good one. :)

The bad: We didn't get to ride Maverick and TTD again. We didn't go back to check if Maverick was open because we wern't sure if we would like it or not.and we didn't want ot waste our time in a very long line if we didn't like it. I wish we would have ridden TTD, because our last 2 rides of MF were really fun. Which means we would have been fine on TTD. But there is always next time. Also I am realllllly sad that I didn't get to ride Maggie :( But I knew my sis didn't like Magnum at all. And since the lines were so long, I wanted to make sure we rode stuff that we would both really enjoy. I cannot wait to get back to CP just to ride Magnum. I love MF, but Magnum beats it hands down. The 2nd hill feels like you are just floating over it as you look at Lake Erie, and the bunny hills at the end are amazing.

The good: We had a lot of fun. We tryed something new (Woodstock express). And all of the coaster rides we got in (besides the first half of the first ride on MF) were great. We also went the cheap way, bought a re fillable cup, and got free re fills on water all day long. That was a cool way to save money.

The funny thing is every year I never got a season pass because I didn't have anyone who would want to go with me all of the time to split the price of gas. Nowthat I am moving many many miles away from CP, my sis finally wants to go all the time. lol. We decided that next year we will buy platinum passes. And everytime I come home from Alabama, we will go to CP. I am hoping to get back for Halloweekends. The withdrawls are already kicking in. ;)

Total rides:

Gemini: 4x

Millenium Force: 3x

Raptor: 2x

Disastor Transport: 1x

Wood Stock Express: 1x

Iron Dragon: 1x

Thunder Canyon: 1x

Snake River Falls: 1x

Tilt A Whirl: 4x

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Yellow train on MF sucks. It shuffles. I hate it.

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Good, we were right. For our second ride when we were taken off of the blue train, the yellow train pulled up. We were trying to ask people to go infronte of us so we didn't have to ride that one. They asked why, and we said, " Because we don't want to ride the yellow train." Then they were asking what was wrong with the yellow train. We told them that we thought it was a bit more rough than the other trains. They all looked at us like we were crazy. So I am glad that we are not the only ones that think that. :)

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As far as the "greying" out... it is more common when it is hot out. Dehydration can make you more prone to grey out as you pull out of the first drop into the first overbanked turn. Plenty of water, and actually tensing up a bit as you go into the turn should help that not happen again.

For the record, MF is the only ride I have ever experienced this on...

Ripcord Crew 2002 / MF Crew 2004

Aww, that sucks you didn't get on Magnum. I agree that the second drop is by far the coolest. To me, it's like you're going into the lake and what a view before you plummet into the tunnel. Hopefully you get a chance on Halloweekends but that time of year seems to be incredibly busy.

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^ I know. :( If it were up to me I would probably ride Magnum all day long. But we had limited time, and I felt bad for my sis.

^^ Thanks Josh, that makes me feel better. And if that only has happened to you on MF, then I know I can handle TTD again with out a problem.

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

You looked at the wrong kids area. Planet Snoopy is the new area.

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^ Oh, really? Where is that at? All I saw was Camp Snoopy. Never being in it, I thought it was the new one. lol.

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

Planet Snoopy is by Ocean Motion and is across from the new Joe Cool Cafe.

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^ O yeah, I did see that. It was nice, but Camp Snoopy is better. :)

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

"We both almost blacked out too. Well I am not sure if we did or not. But things got really blurry right in between the first drop and up the second hill."

The same thing happened to my friend on the Yellow train in the front. The same spot of the ride too. He did state it was well worth it tho because of the air rushing on your head. I do prefer the blue train, not sure why...... maybe cause it looks cool ;)

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^I am glad to know that we were not the only ones. Like I said, the people behind us thought we were insane when we told them that the yellow train seemed more rough. That was the first time I have ever had a bad experience on MF. But now I just know to stay clear of the yellow train.

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

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