The Hotel Breakers Pool

During my last weeks visit to the Point, I noticed that in the Hotel lobby of the Breakers, a video of the new updates next year at the Hotel, the video showed the architects version of the updates,,and guess what.... the Hotel Breakers pool and spa was gone~!!@!!. it showed a grassy area, is that true,,the pool at the Breakers is going away next year???

There's already a thread discussing this very thing over in the New for 2014 section. :)

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ok,,what did it say>?? pool or no?

There are multiple pools at Breakers, not just one pool. As already stated, the situation is being discussed in the new for 2014, hotel breakers thread.

multiple pools??
one spa,,one main pool in front of the old Hotel Breakers~!!!
Will it be there in 2015??

Again.....look at the Hotel Breakers post in the New in 2014 section.

Look here. Not sure why this thread hasn't been locked yet...

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