The Future of Soak CIty

Does anyody else think the future of Soak City looks grim. They have not updated it in quite a while now. I would think they would install some new slides (i.e.Tornado) if they had any hopes of it remaining. And now they have Castaway Bay and I would think they would push for higher attendence there.

I think after the 07' project is completed Soak City will have its final year and the land will be used for future expansion such as a possible new woodie.

What does everyone else think?

Soak City had it's best year last year with all the hot weather. It's not going anywhere.

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It received some new stuff recently. Splash Zone, the large play area with the big bucket on top, replaced the picnic pavillion last year or the year before I think. The cabanas by the wave pool are fairly new to Soak City as well.

I don't see Soak City leaving anytime soon. It is just too big a part of the resort nature of Cedar Point for them to get rid of it completely. I bet they sell a good number of Ride 'n Slide tickets each year.

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It sounds like you're one of those "Cedar Point should have 100 coasters and nothing else" people.

Soak City is a tremendous asset for the park because it enhances the resort side and helps make Cedar Point a multi-day destination.

It isn't going anywhere.

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You know, in all the years I've been going to Cedar Point, I still have yet to go to Soak City.

I suppose I should do that this year, because I've been wanting to go for some time now.

I am suprised that they haven't added a water coaster at soak city yet. I know CB has a little one but I would think they would go for something like that.
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Soak City is a great addition to Cedar Point, although it isn't the best water park out there (remember I come from Wisconsin and we got the dells :) ). It compliments Cedar Point nicely and is one of the reasons I stay at Hotel Breakers every year for 4 nights in mid-August. With the popularity of water parks on the rise, I don't think it is going anywhere.

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I went to Soak City for the first time this year and Loved it. You get to see the park at a different angle, and enjoy the waterslides-and watch the coasters while waiting in line.

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Nothing is better than laying in the Raging River and admiring that Moly Orange and Silver creation next to it. :)

And the hot chicks in bikinis. But mostly the Moly Orange and Silver thing.

I for one would for sure not complain about having 100 coasters. :)

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Ben, I think Jen's bikini might have some moly orange and silver in it. ;)

Soak City will definately not be going anywhere as it still does a ton of business. I'm very glad CP has SC, and it would be less of a resort without it. Having said that, I think that it is due for a major update. The slides are fine, and yes the action river is one of the best out there, but a concrete field with white slides just doesn't measure up to the other water parks. I've gone there and while I enjoyed the attractions I didn't find the place visually appealing at all. Nor was there many places to sit, or get shade.

I think the whole SC experience could be much better if they went with a caribbean theme. It would really make the water park 10x better in my books if it was a larger version of WWK. Just adding color to the slides, more chairs, and more trees and landscaping would be much better even without the caribbean theme. Its starting to show a little bit of age, and a little sprucing up wouldn't hurt at all. *** Edited 7/28/2006 2:25:11 AM UTC by Top Thrill 182***

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Walt explained it all.

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e x i t english said:
You know, in all the years I've been going to Cedar Point, I still have yet to go to Soak City.

I suppose I should do that this year, because I've been wanting to go for some time now.

Now that I have some old enough nieces and nephews and the decent rate for some of the over night packages we've been talking about it more and its bound to happen soon.

SC wont get anything new for awhile because I doubt that most come to CP for SC. SC is simply there to give guests more options and a better experience.

IMO SC is one of the best moves CP has ever made.

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The CP resort (the park, the waterpark, the hotels) were all part of what Richard Kinzel had in mind for the place when he became CEO in 1987. He saw CP as something more than a place to spend a day at. With that he added Soak City in 1988, Magnum in 1989, and Sandcastle Suites in 1990.

I really respect this man.

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Gomez said:
I really respect this man.

I do too. He made the company, and Cedar Point, what it is today.

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I spent a couple of hours at Soak City last summer for the first time, and to be honest with you, I hated it. I concluded that it was the most horribly mis-named water park I had ever visited. No swimming in the lazy river; you MUST use a tube, and you MUST use it in the prescribed manner, which means keeping you OUT of the water. Wave pool way too shallow to actually swim in, with the magical boundary line not even marked. Lifeguards pacing like rats in cages. The overall impression I got was that if there was a way to prevent you from actually getting wet, they tried it. I'm surprised that they didn't issue (mandatory?) umbrellas to the people standing beneath the dumping bucket.

It was a truly weird place, and I could hardly wait to get out of there. For a water park, I'd rather go to Wyandot Lake or Boomerang Bay (I haven't toured Wildwater Kingdom since they expanded it...). When I'm up at Cedar Point, I'll stick with the dry park.

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It's funny that you say that tubes are mandatory in the lazy river. Personally, I think that's great. There is little I hate more than some 10 year old kid swimming through the lazy river and trying to surface right under my butt.

Head over to WWK and see what I mean. They have about 11 tubes for the entire river.

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Count me in as non-fan of Soak City. I went there a few years ago and it was fun for about 2 hours. They need to put in a few more things to do to handle the insanely long lines when it gets busy.

This is coming from someone who LOVES Splashin' Safari and Boomerang Bay.

Soak City shouldn't go away, but there are a few improvements that CF could make to the park to make it worthwhile to pay the extra admission. Heck, they have a park 90 minutes down the turnpike that has more to do at their waterpark AND it doesn't cost anything extra.

A Tornado slide would be nice.

A water coaster will get me thinking about walking through that gate.

A high speed water slide will get my butt through the turnstyle for sure.

~Rob Willi

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