The Boardwalk - New for 2023

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Skyhawk06 said:

Restroom capitol of the world!

The Disney buzz is found here.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Who's the manufacturer for the Wild Mouse?

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EDIT - Specifically, it looks like a Zamperla Twister. What's odd is that CP's site lists the ride with a 52' height, which matches the height listed for the Twister on Zamperla's site. But the max speeds don't match - CP lists speed at 35MPH while the OEM lists it at 27MPH, which is a pretty stark difference.

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Jeff said:

I'm endlessly amused that the rumor I made up 22 years ago is finally coming true! Told you it would happen!

Hmm, the earliest I remember seeing anything about a boardwalk project was like, the 1999 end-of-season survey...

One trip to the Wayback Machine later...

A Jersey-style boardwalk area with a coaster on the old Oceana midway would be
70% Perfect for the waterfront.
23% Something I'd like to see.
5% OK, I guess.
1% Tolerable, but not the best choice.
1% A huge mistake.

...Oh no, I've gone cross-eyed.

Also wonder how much that $410 room at Breakers is going for nowadays.

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Taking another look at the rendering, they have ALOT of trees to plant. Looks alomst like they carves this out of a forest.

First ride; Magnum 1994

I'm eagerly awaiting the details on the pavilion too. It specifically mentions indoor seating. Will the interior part of the 2nd floor be a full floor, or balconies around an open area. What about that cupola, open to below as a skylight? Will the bar be upstairs? Obviously an elevator or 2 for accessibility, but will it have a grand staircase, or some stairwells? That's assuming the 2nd floor isn't reserved only for special events.

Seems like fish on the menu is a given for the theme, hope the 'traditional favorites' aren't more chicken strips. They got a pretty early start, maybe a winter chillout tour?

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That Crazy Dan said:

One trip to the Wayback Machine later...

That survey was fun to read. We need to bring that back.

Some ideas...

  1. Were you "Made Whole again" this year?
  2. Rank the bathrooms based on lighting, smell, and dampness.
  3. How many times have you walked past the John Deere tractor display?
  4. How many times did you encounter someone pouring hot cheese into the Sky Ride motor this year?


EDIT: You could have told me some of those comments were written today.

  • "One caveat on cleanliness. CP's bathrooms are in desperate need of help. They reek and don't even appear cleaned. During mayfly season, they are ungodly."
  • "The food was too expensive. I wish people would not smoke in the lines."

And my personal favorite...


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djDaemon said:

Specifically, it looks like a Zamperla Twister.

No, the twister is their licensed Reverchon spinning mouse. They even list the one at Fun Spot as one of them. It might be a Maurer.

EDIT: Meh, you might be right, I just don't think Zamperla has made any like that yet. The high banked turn reminds me a lot of Steel Dragon at Waldameer.

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If we’re jumping on the “they should’ve added this flat to the area…”, I think they kind of missed the mark on moving Lake Erie Eagles to the new Boardwalk area. It fits and would looks pretty cool over there.

I do wonder how much of Lake Erie Eagle's location is because it's relatively sheltered from direct wind where it is. I don't know how sensitive to wind it is compared to, well, Windseeker, but considering the nature of the ride I'd imagine the direct wind blowing off the lake you'd get if you moved it to the beach wouldn't help. Compare that to Matterhorn and Scrambler, which are probably two of the most compact flats at the park.

[sarcasm]Well I'm relieved they are keeping "3-Point Challenge" there. Much better than an old school Trabant/Satellite ride... [/sarcasm.]

While the Grand Pavilion will be awesome (although is it really off-centered on Giant Wheel like the illustrations show? If so, that'll bug me), I am a little under-impressed though. The "boardwalk" doesn't seem very much like a boardwalk. Seems like a missed opportunity to incorporate the Cedar Point Coliseum (and remodel it) to round out the area. Maybe that's in next year's plan, along with a nice white CGI woody extending from where Scrambler and Matterhorn used to be, down to the boardwalk.

It would be great if they actually restored the flats to their original glory. Calypso had a very elaborate lighting package when it debuted. The back wall had all kinds of crazy effects also. Matterhorn was much smoother and ran faster as well as backwards.

Blue people fly sideways when it rains

I doubt Calypso will see much more than it has now unless the old flash is sitting in a junk heap somewhere. They still have the fountain lights around the perimeter. A backdrop with the hearts wouldn’t be hard to recreate. And hopefully they still have the original sign that hung over the dog house. That enormous centerpiece, though. Yeah, probably not.

JeffH, the Grand Pavilion is centered with Giant Wheel (just an effect from the illustration)

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I admit I haven't been to any setting with travelling rides to see how the light packages are on them in person nowadays, but a cursory search of "Oktoberfest rides" shows they're still plenty flashy in Europe at least. I've also seen the crazy things that can be done with LEDs in various other settings... Especially with as comparatively low-maintenance as LEDs are compared to an array of tiny incandescent bulbs, you'd think it really wouldn't be hard to approximate an appropriately flashy backdrop.

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I'm thinking the new Grand Pavilion is putting the Coliseum on the chopping block. Tear it down!! And open up the view of the lake....

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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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This seems like a solid addition overall. I would have liked a new flat to go with the older ones, but as some have mentioned, moving Matterhorn and (Atomic!) Scrambler seems like part of a bigger future plan.

The Zamperla web page says the capacity is around 680 pph which is not amazing, but pretty good for a wild mouse. For comparison, Wicked Twister was 1000 pph and Wildcat was 900.

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Observations from the re-location of Matterhorn & Scrambler; just down the path from them sits lonely Super Himalaya left out of the party. As for the Matterhorn/Scrambler area, since no announcement was made as to it's future let's assume it will be an open area at least for a while. That will certainly open up the view of my beloved Eerie Estate. Also, for all you restroom connosseurs, perhaps that one will be a tad less busy, or even removed. The park employee access gate behind the restroom and the surrounding park buildings in that vicinity are a bit of a dis-organized cluster so perhaps more room to figure that out is in store.

Great point on the Himalaya wonder if that’s gonna be removed at some point. Hope not it’s a fun ride!

Wish they’d run it backwards like they do at some fairs.

They need to move tilt a whirl over there, nah wait, leave it where it is, great secret spot and fun ride!!!!

If Himalaya's going to be moved anywhere, if nothing else I'd say move it closer to the Gemini Midway so at least you've got your non-kiddie flats more or less concentrated in a few areas, which is to say, the main midway, the boardwalk area, Gemini area, and kind of sort of Frontiertown (for as much as Wave Swinger and Skyhawk make a group).

I'd be very curious to see some numbers about which of the flats of a comparable level (i.e. exempting the 'big' flats like Maxair, Skyhawk, and Windseeker) get the highest ridership to see if location actually makes a significant difference one way or another.

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