The Boardwalk - New for 2023

I guess someone forgot to tell the late, great Anton Schwartzkoff not to build coasters on wood blocks.

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Not a big fan of wild mouse coasters BUT, this is a great fit for the park and fills a much needed hole in the lineup.

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The big question, does this make the coaster a hybrid?

And if so, does that make Cedar Point the hybrid coaster capital of the world with four?

When I saw the Wild Mouse construction photos on the CP blog the base selection was my first gripe as well. Wildcat always felt out of place to me being a mobile model. The wood blocks and concrete pad aren't aesthetically pleasing and the vibrating structure while the cars completed the course just felt cheap. Something you'd find at a carnival or like Tidal Twist at the Columbus Zoo I view as acceptable (where rides aren't their main draw). It's not something I picture being added to a top tier amusement park.

Zamperla states on their website they offer the "permanent" style of this coaster as well, so this style was deliberately chosen for whatever reason. Both Ricochet at Carowinds and Apple Zapple at Kings Dominion are your typical run of the mill wild mouse style coasters, but as permanent models, they just "fit in" if that makes sense.

I'm sure my kids and I will love the ride itself, and I believe it's great fit that will be very popular, but the selection of the "mobile" version is just one of those things that will bug me a little bit.

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Pretty sure the only difference between permanent and mobile is truck trailers.

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Cedar Pointer:

Not a big fan of wild mouse coasters BUT, this is a great fit for the park and fills a much needed hole in the lineup

Luckily, it’s not a real wild mouse, as wild mouse coasters don’t have banked turns. It’s gonna be a blast.

Also there are 7 of these Zamperla twister coasters including the Cedar Point version. All of them except one are built on a frame, which is Çilgin Mekik at MOi Park in Turkey. The anchored one is also the only indoor one and also the only other custom twister coaster with banked turns, like our “Wild Mouse”. There are videos of Çilgin Mekik on YouTube if you wanna get an idea of what we are in for.

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It being "non-permanent" provides CP with many options for the future. Just as Wildcat was re-located throughout it's history at CP the same could occur for Wild Mouse. If other areas become seen as ideal due to rides aging out, being removed, being re-imagined it could be moved to fill an area. What if the brutal Nor'eastern winds, rain, sand prove to cause issues at it's present location? It was sometimes miserable on the Wicked Twister platform. It does fit nicely theme-wise where it is along with the other two they are moving there so I don't see it being temporary there but they do have options if deemed advantageous to move it.

I'm not convinced Forbidden Frontier at Adventure Island will be there long term.

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Guys, you don't need footers sitting in bedrock for this kind of ride. Y'all are making an issue out of nothing.

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Can't speak for everyone here, but for me it's not an 'issue', just an interesting topic to discuss in a particularly light news period. IAAPA starts tomorrow so I'm sure we'll have a different topic soon.

Tbh I actually am excited for it.

I always did ride Wildcat when I went to CP.

My only beef is that this layout looks really short, and less intense than wildcat was.

I like mice and I agree this fills a needed hole in the lineup.

But I would've much rather had a conventional mouse, not a spinning one. Spinning rides give unpleasant sensation.

I can ride the tallest and fastest coasters in the world without blinking an eye, but I'll blow chunks on a tilt a whirl.

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Tilt a whirls are no laughing matter, even when they look like beetles.

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I'm really excited about this addition. I am curious to see how the ride experience is. I have been on a few spinning mouse-type attractions and they are either crazy fun or very uncomfortable. (to me at least). I can't wait to see all of the final touches to this new area. It's going to be great.

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People complain about the weirdest things on here. They did actually pour a lot of concrete for this. Brand new clean slab. Its not like they just set this thing down on top of the midway. They made a pretty big investment already.

A couple more random observations. It looks like the Wild Mouse queue entrance is on the lake side of the ride, so we'll have to walk 'around the back' to get in line. The camera view and the mockup images make that area look somewhat big and empty. Will it really be just grass, plants, and paths? My inner roller coaster tycoon would've used the space to make the ride longer.

The cupola on top of the pavillion has a floor now. I was originally guessing it would be open to below as a skylight. Not expecting it to be publicly accessible, but will there be something up there, or is it just decoration?

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I am 100% in favor of NOT lengthening any ride that spins. I think it’ll be just fine the way it is.

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Yes, and leaving some open area near the beach is a fantastic move, not only because of the awesome views it affords, but also from a marketing standpoint, since it may help increase awareness of the resort and what it has to offer. Plus, pretty good potential VIP fireworks viewing area.


I’m pretty excited for this project, but why why why the color scheme of this wild mouse? This is the 6th coaster with a red/orange spectrum color scheme… 7th if you want to count SV.

I would have loved to see something more classic. An all-white paint job mimicking a wooden coaster (boardwalk, hello?) covered in LED fairground lights on the structure and LED chasing lights around the track would have looked leagues better and would have been an inexpensive alternative to yet another bright neon scheme that can be found at any other park in any other unthemed area.

Edit, 7th red/orange coaster and 8th if you want to count SV. Forgot Dragster but I suppose it’s TBD if it’s scheme will change…

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