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Checked this beauty out today. Very nicely decorated and ties in nicely with the Snoopy Boutique next door. It was very smart for them to tie the two together (via archway) inside.

The chocolate covered strawberries and Charlie Brown headed (?) apples in the outer window got us to take a peek inside. Lots of different varieties of fudge (birthday cake, red velvet, jelly donut!) that I haven't seen CP make before. Saw there was a cotton candy machine set up but not in use yet, maybe for a less hot day?

A nice addition to the CP midway.

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I just got the birthday cake fudge and it is really good.

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Well, it was your birthday. Hope it was a good one.

I haven't been to CP to check out Sweet Spot yet, but I did go through the one at Kings Island and I was slightly underwhelmed. Not that it wasn't nice, because it was, but it wasn't too far off from the candy kitchen the park had featured in the past. They always had fudge, maybe not as many favors, (I tried a sample of the funnel cake fudge- now that was interesting...) and the big fudge apples. The new Charlie Brown apples and the Snoopy marshmallow pops were clever and cute, but expensive. They reminded me of those great Mickey-pants apples at Disney.
As far as the bulk and wrapped candy department goes it seemed to me like they just added more, taking over the end of the building that was occupied by retail and the glass blower. (Where did he go, anyway? Not that I need another tiny glass piano or swan, but I always stopped to watch and visit.)

The staff in the shop was friendly and welcoming, very courteous. Nobody seemed to mind the candy-pink Sweet Spot aprons they're made to wear, even the high school boys wore them, dare I say, proudly.

Maybe KI's location served as a kind of prototype for CP's and there will be more to follow. When I was at Carowinds I saw their candy shop, (it's got a great building facade) but I don't think it was Sweet Spot monikered.

And heck yeah, the designers at Cedar Point were no dummies when they connected the candy store to Snoopy Boutique! Every parent's nightmare!

I'm looking forward to seeing the new store. And shopping, of course.

So since May, has anyone bought any Fudge or little snacks from Sweet spot? I don't always buy Fudge when I go because it's $7.99 a Ib. Then again I shouldn't eat it so fast either. Lol

My family did the buy 2 get 1 free at KI on Father's Day. I suspect I ended up eating 2 1/3 of the 3 slices over the course of a couple weeks.

In other news, I did my first walk of shame a couple weeks ago...

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Sweet Spot is very underwhelming if you ask me. I don't think they have that much stuff and it's ridiculously expensive for the chocolate covered goodies. I believe there could be lots of potential there and they could start by having more candy and snacks.

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The idea of sweet spot is to sell freshly made items, not just having a big candy store of pre made stuff. The chocolate covered strawberries are wonderful and you can see them dipping fresh strawberries sometimes when you walk by. That's the kind of stuff that I think is really cool.

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We loved the new Sweet Spot. Our daughter Kylah (7) just hit 48 inches this year and if she braved Millennium Force she was allowed to pick out any treat she wanted. Sure enough on day 2 of our trip, there we were mulling over all the goodness inside. First of all, the inside is very nicely decorated; very clean, fun, with the giant barrels o' taffy in the middle. Having just been to Disney recently, I agree with RCMAC. That is, the selection of creatively designed treats had a Disney feel to them, and I had flashbacks of being in the Art of Animation food court selecting options. That in and of itself makes it feel like a quality addition.

I was impressed. And we still have a small pile of the taffy in all sorts of flavors sitting somewhere.

Oh, she picked the giant pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and covered in reeces pieces. Yummy.

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Have the character-themed items (marshmallow Snoopys, Charlie Brown apples, etc.) come back? We haven't seen them at the Cedar Point Sweet Spot for some time. The Sweet Spot at Kings Island has had them all season long so far. Were they just not selling at Cedar Point?

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Kevinj said:

We loved the new Sweet Spot. Our daughter Kylah (7) just hit 48 inches this year and if she braved Millennium Force she was allowed to pick out any treat she wanted. Sure enough on day 2 of our trip, there we were mulling over all the goodness inside.

What'd she think of Millie?


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She loved it! It was her goal before we left, and on the second day she finally spoke up and said she wanted to try it after braving everything else she could try on the trip. Her conclusion? "Things can be fun and scary at the same time". Yep! It was just a great experience. People in line and then in the train with her were giving her high fives and slaps on the back as she was very, very nervous. I also kept reminding her that it took her dad until his late teens to be brave enough to ride Magnum for the first time (sad but true story).

The best thing that happened, though? The day after we got back home we were saying goodnight and closing the door when she said, "You know, since I was brave to ride Millennium, now I can do anything".


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Somewhat unrelated, but my daughter Charlotte who is 5 (turning 6 in August) also hit the magical 48" mark this year. All she could talk about before hand was how she wanted to ride Millennium. All the people in line were amazed by how young she was, and she was entertained by the high school kids behind us who were chickening out. I was shocked, because the only thing she was scared of was the fact that a mufflehead was in her seat, and she started screaming about it. She had a good time bragging it up to her friends in her kindergarten class, as this was back in May before school let out. This was a picture after she got off. One of the more rewarding things as a father, is when your child becomes a coaster junkie. Now if I can just get my 5 month old twin girls to follow the same path.

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Awesome. And Adorable.

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If the mufflehead wasn't 48" what was it doing in her seat?

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