Sunday, October 6, 2019

Monday, October 7, 2019 7:31 AM

My sister and I rolled into the parking lot at CP about 10:30. There wasn't any traffic at all, which was nice - we basically just drove right in and parked.

Of course, then it decided to start raining. We sat in the car for a couple of minutes, then grabbed the umbrellas and raincoats and headed in.

The front of the park was pretty crowded because all the other passholders were there too, but it wasn't too bad. We spent some time in the gift shops until it stopped raining, then headed over to Cedar Downs for a spin.

After that it was a lot of walking around, checking things out, and riding our favorite rides (we grew up in Sandusky). The train, the Giant Wheel, etc.

We had lunch at Miss Keats, then walked around some more, checked out Toxicity, and headed home about 4.

My thoughts:

The Halloween theming was cool, I liked the graveyard of the old rides and the touches all throughout the park.

The Sky Ride was closed, which was a bummer. Do they just not run it, or was it because of the winds?

A LOT of the eating places were closed, which was a little aggravating when it was time to eat. The places that were open didn't offer a whole lot of variety, except for Backbeat which was crowded and didn't have a lot of seating except for the wet seats out in the rain.

We settled on Miss Keats barbeque, which offered three choices: broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl, chili in a bread bowl, and some vegetarian fare. That was it, but at least they had indoor seating. I checked out their menu online this morning and was surprised to see that they, at least on paper, offer a ton of food selection, because none of it was available yesterday.

Overall a pretty good experience, and I got 5 1.2 miles of walking in! Looking forward to coming back soon.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 8:38 AM

I got there at 9:50am and did early entry. Got on Valravn, when the train pulled out of the station to go up the lift hill, the rain started. When the train pulled in to unload, the rain stopped. A wet Valravn ride. Went to MF, got 2 rides. 1st one line was at top of ramp, 2nd one was line was at bottom of ramp. At that time the 11am public was coming in so did a walk around the park taking pictures. Lines were beginning to get long. Ate at Hugo's about 1pm. Did another walk around the park. Rode Rougarou, because of a very short line at about 2:30. Weather got very pleasant as the day progressed. Left the park at 3pm. I also did early entry on Friday and weather was cold. I'm planning on early entry for the upcoming Friday and Sunday to do the no-line rides.

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