Sunday, May 21, 2023

Got to the park around 9:40. Walked up to the entry gate and saw that the electronic billboard above the turnstiles had queue instructions that basically put all the single ticket/gold passholders in one line, and all the other lines were reserved for platinum passes and prestige passes. Of course, the single ticket/gold passholder line was HUGE (almost went to the parking lot) while the other lines were much shorter.

Here's the thing: As soon as the park opened at 10, ALL the lines accepted every kind of entry (except the Prestige Pass lane). So really there was no reason to queue up, I don't think.

Once inside, I headed for Millennium Force as I've never ridden that coaster and rarely get to Cedar Point right at open. The line was short - 15 minute wait - but when I was 3 rides away from getting to ride it broke down. The announcements went "There's a delay, maintenance is on its way", "Maintenance has arrived and is working on the problem", "There's still a delay, you can stay or leave" and finally "There's going to be a BIG delay, this ride is closed." It was closed the rest of day.

Oh well. Went and rode the Sky Ride, walked over to the Wild Mouse and got in line. 40 minute wait. After about 20 minutes of standing in line, THAT ride broke down. After 20 minutes of standing in the sun, decided to leave, but JUST when I was leaving they announced it was back up. Yay!

Rode the Wild Mouse, got the teal "Dizzy" car. Fun concept but WOW, that ride throws you around, and there's nothing to hang onto except the thick handlebars in front of you. No seat belt or neck cushions to keep your head steady. There were 2 of us in the car and we sat in the middle, not sure if sitting in the outside seats would have made a differece, but the way it jolts you around is unpleasant, especially on your neck. Wouldn't ride it again.

One more note about the Wild Mouse: the car doesn't stop so you can board. It does slow down quite a bit, but it doesn't stop. So if you're at all unsure about your footing, this is something to note.

After that, walked to Frontier Town and had lunch at the Farmhouse. Used the Single Meal Deal which brought the price down to $18.02. The pop machines were all out of Coke except Cherry Coke. It was a very pleasant day to sit outside!

After that took the train back to the midway, watched the Cedar Downs run, and left for the day. Overall a great time! Weather was beautiful, the park was clean, the food was good. Looking forward to going back when the park is open later.

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