Steel Vengeance

Uncle Steve said:
I went out this evening and MF was down again. This time there wasn’t even a ride attendant posted out front. It was just closed.
...So maybe they were in the ques knockin down webs?

Highly unlikely, but let’s hope. The crew probably either got sent home, or split up to help staff other ride locations.

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So, I told someone today my thoughts on the voice of Chess... and he agreed with me :)

This is a video I made BEFORE the cell phone ban, capturing the voice of Chess. To me, it sounds like a certain animated character (which I mention in the vid) from a classic Nickelodeon show. What do you think?

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It sounds like Sandy from Spongebob

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That's what I said! 😂 Seriously though, why didn't they give her an Australian accent? That's where she's from.

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I always thought of Jesse from Toy Story. But I think you might be right... Sounds more like the squirrel from Spongebob.


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I haven’t been following the forum for a few weeks, but have they been able to get 3 train operations going yet? Sorry if this has been answered already.

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They were running two while I was there earlier this week.


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It's been 2 the whole Summer. I am at the point where I don't think we will see 3 til possibly next season. There could be a slight chance with days off of no CP operation coming up. If there isn't 3 train operation when Halloweekends begin, I definitely do not see it happening at all this season.

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According to jantzen73's Instagram story they running three trains as of this morning! Yay!

It is true I'm here at the park. I rode it for early entry. All three trains are running!

thrill_warriors said:
According to jantzen73's Instagram story they running three trains as of this morning! Yay!

I hope everybody here who has an Instagram follows him. His shots of the park are unbelievable! Very talented. Wish I could meet him in person but I don’t even know what he looks like haha

Best Instagram ever. Also FANTASTIC news about 3 train ops. Getting ready for those good weather fall Saturdays I presume.

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Absolutely amazing. This should hopefully make for consistent 1 hour or less waits most of the time.

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Sacrificing playing video games to ride roller coasters.

Big crowd yesterday. All three trains ran all day. Wait times were consistently between 90 minutes to 2 hours all day. During peak afternoon wait time did inch to the 2.5 hour mark.

I would like to think CP started three train op as a gift for me Birthday yesterday!! LOL

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Cedar Point: happy birthday here's some 3 train operation!

Yeah that would be awesome to have on your birthday, so too bad I was born in March 😂.

As soon as I leave the planet snoopy first aid I'll have to ride Steel vengeance..

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What would have easily been a 2-ish hour wait yesterday with the first set of switchbacks full took an hour and 10 minutes, even with Fastlane being consistantly full. A huge difference.

Steel Vengeance voted best new ride for 2018 by Amusements Today! Well deserved too.

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Also #3 Steel Coaster overall, behind Fury 325 and Millennium Force.


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Clearly Tony sabotaged Steel Vengeance. XD

Still not sure how Millennium ranks higher than SV (other than it being completely biased), but whatever. As a side note, I have noticed this year that by sitting in the middle of the train (rows 7-10), it provides some nice air time on the 2 hills that take you to and from the island.

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