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Last summer maverick was allowing people in line up to maybe 10 or 15 after. But by that point the line was usually pretty short anyway so they prob figure they would be there long enough to clear out a full line might as well let a few more in.

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I finally got to ride Steel Vengeance yesterday for the first time. WOW!!! This thing is intense! I tried putting my hands up but couldn’t do it without getting thrown around! I rode it twice yesterday, the first time in the second row from the back and then the second time in the front row. The first drop is way better in the back, but overall, I like the front row much better. The airtime is crazy. Even parts that you didn’t expect to have airtime ended up launching you out of your seat. As a few have said, it’s hard to pick a favorite part of the ride, because it doesn’t let up at all. Definetly my new #1. As for the surrounding area, I think it looks phenomenal. The signs are amazing. The only thing I wish they would have done differently was add the theme song in the station. I think it would add to the anticipation and epicness after waiting in line for so long. It just seemed awkwardly quiet in the station, especially with only one train running. They did add a western voiceover as you dispatch, which is a nice touch, but that theme while loading and unloading would be awesome. As for the name, I know a few people (back when it was first announced) hated it, but I honestly think it’s the best name and logo in the park. Everything about this ride exceeded my expectations. Definetly lived up to the hype.

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I didn't know the ride has theme music of any kind. Where is it heard?

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I recall hearing it on a loop during one of my lengthy waits in the station.

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RCMAC said:

Oh, so what you really meant to say was the closest gate to each major attraction? If not then I’m still not getting it. How do you know about this rule?

What it is is that the ride lines shut off a little past closing time to let stragglers in and to avoid arguments about the exact time. It’s a little courtesy they don’t have to do. I just doubt anyone is timing walks from a gate and setting closing time accordingly.

At this point it feels like an argument for the sake of arguing. I never said it was a rule or policy. It was an observation. I expressed what I have experienced at the park. Nothing official was put into either statement. What you said and what I said are essentially identical. Seriously, why did you need to debate semantics?

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Because I’m like that?
And I read it as coming from someone who (basically) knew what the policy is. But now I understand that you just made it up, so I’m good. You know that there are some here that will take what you say as word, right? It’s not semantics, and we did not say the identical thing, even essentially.

Attention everyone: there is no five minute into the gate before close policy that guarantees you a ride on any major attraction.

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The the park policy is the queues stay open until 6 minutes after closing that day.

However, it’s not clear that this will always apply to SV with the single train operation.

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I honestly doubt the queue would stay open for SV's single train operation.

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They closed it early the other night when they had the passholder ERT. I think it closed around 8:50. Even then, ERT didn't start until somewhere around 11.

I'm hopeful that two trains isn't that far off, but I'm not very optimistic about three running any time soon. Take a good look at Blackjack. It's missing at least a third of its wheels and it looks like it has become the parts donor at this point. With such a long ride and such small wheels, I'm not surprised they're having issues. Seems to happen with lots of new rides though so hopefully they get it figured out. I know it was actually a thing to let new wheels sit on the shelf to "cure" for a period of time. So maybe with a brand new ride, this didn't have a chance to happen so there are an inordinate amount of bad ones. Hopefully it's more along those lines and not a chronic issue.

Also, saw them have to literally push the train off the main or safety block (not sure what they call it) toward the station this weekend on two separate occasions. The train is coming to a very quick stop which seems like a good thing, but it seems like the drive tires can't always get it going again. Even when the tires do get it moving, it moves off that first block super slow. Probably won't matter with three trains running, but with one or two, the changes made so far will make operations slower.

Finally, on Monday, they had issues with the transfer table - which I think is mostly left behind from Mean Streak - causing a lengthy downtime. There's a video on Twitter of maintenance using a grinder on it.

RMC was there each night working on it over the weekend. During the ERT, there was at least four or five of them waiting with two CP maintenance to get to work in the front corner of the station.


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I am doubtful at this point we will 3 train operation this year. 2 yes, don't know when of course.

The only ERT night for SV so far, park closed at 8, they closed off the queue to general public at 7:15 only because RMC was coming to work on it that night

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If 2 train ops is the best that can be achieved I hope they keep it off of FastLane Plus all season.

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That’s what Universal does. A new attraction opens and for the first couple years it’s all standby. And as a supporter of FastLane, I think that’s most fair.

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Closing Steel Vengeance at 5PM today.

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Fingers crossed that they're using tonight to get ready for 2-train ops this weekend. Wishful thinking, but that would be great if they had 2 trains for Coastermania.

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I think they're skipping 2 train and even 3 train and going for 6 train operation. :P

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^Triple stacked on the lift, 1 in the MCBR, one in the block behind station, and one in the station. I like it.

In fact, let's just make it a continuous train. It traverses the track at the speed of the lift chain, but boy does that line really move fast.

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Sounds like they are tuning it up and getting ready for multi train operation for Coastermania.

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Well, I wouldn't go so far to say "for" CoasterMania. I'm of the mindset that they didn't necessarily tell RMC to "get this done before______" but rather, they asked them to get it done in a safe and timely manner. If they DO manage to get 2 or 3 trains running before Friday, it's was by sheer luck and hard work from RMC and the park.

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Was happy to ride again yesterday with only a 61 minute wait time on my watch. The signs said 2 hours so we were prepared for a long sunshiney wait.

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