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The wind isn't nearly as strong as it was last night so while cool here, it's nothing like it was last night. #ohiolife

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What’s up with that? We’ve had gorgeous weather in Columbus. I usually check the forecast before I leave for the park, and up there ya never know, but I’m surprised it was so cold and windy. I might’ve been caught myself if I had planned to go.

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The sound of the waves crashing on the beach last night was amazing. Stuck my head out of the boat just now and the line for MF is almost non-existent. Great day to be in the park if you don't mind cold. I was going to go to Put-In-Bay today, but the waves this morning combined with the cold and chance of rain made me change my plans. Probably sit in a hot tub or maybe just visit some of the fine CP drinking establishments.

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I would imagine the Sandusky area would experience the same thing. In Sheffield Lake where I live, living against the lake shore this time of year, there can be crazy temperature differences cause the lake water is still relatively cold. It could be 70 degrees just 20 miles inland and 50 degrees right on the shore.

Opposite effect happens in Autumn where it stays warmer along the shore and inland is colder.

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MDOmnis said:

I noticed here was a lot of clutter at the exit with parent swaps, special access, etc. They seemed to be dedicating a person to dealing with that which I think is smart.

Magnum could really use a third person on the exit side of the platform to handle these things. With the elevator, parent swaps, special access, guests reporting lost items, and just coordinating people exiting with special access coming in, it would really come in handy. Especially with the reduced load/unload time with the control changes a few years ago. This position could probably even handle spiels as well.

When they changed around the quantity and responsibilities of the associates at Raptor about a decade ago, they got a dedicated person for these things, as well as locking/unlocking the bins. It would be very nice to have an equivalent position at Magnum.

Of course when we're discussing the current staffing issues, I don't think adding in an additional position to staff would work out too well. :)

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Finally got to ride this thing. Definitely the best ride in the park, and I rode back, middle, and closer to the front. Shoutout to the crew for getting the train out of the station ASAP! They really made 1 train operation work. It makes me think that the line is going to constantly move once they have all 3 running.

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Agreed, that train was in and out of station as quick as possible.There was one ride op today speaking right before boarding something along the lines of....

Op: " when you see the lap bar, don't touch it, don't look at it, don't even acknowledge its existence , we will push it down, don't touch the lap bar"

When the train approached

Op: "ok , when you get in fasten the
seatbelt, but don't touch the lap bar , so question what will everyone do after they sit down and fasten the belt?"

Riders in unison: "Don't touch the lap bar."

Op:"what was that again?!"


It worked

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^LOVE IT! That's awesome!

with only one train they need to be a little bitchy

I love the "don't even acknowledge its existence" line!

It’s not even bitchy IMO. It’s ensuring efficiency and ensuring each restraint is checked properly. I also love the way they check the seats. Front to back/back to front half way checking seatbelts. The rest of the way checking the Lao bars

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The posted wait yesterday around 10AM was 3 hours, but I only waited about an hour. Don't always go by what the sign says. But it appears it was down for a while yesterday in the afternoon and evening.

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Honestly for one train operation, the line was moving kind of fast, and I was able to clock in four rides on SV. The wait was actually under an hour, I estimate 50 minutes?

I'm also itching to post a trip report of yesterday. Will we ever bring those back?

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Skyhawk06 said:

Honestly for one train operation, the line was moving kind of fast, and I was able to clock in four rides on SV. The wait was actually under an hour, I estimate 50 minutes?

I'm also itching to post a trip report of yesterday. Will we ever bring those back?

They're less common, but you can still post them on the forums:

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Finally rode Steel Vengeance. One day ride, one evening ride, and one night ride.

Very smooth, intense, and worth the wait. I have never felt so thrown around on a coaster before.

SV is now my favorite coaster with inversions. My favorite without inversions is still Millennium.

So, after 3 rides, yesterday, I realized that this is definitely my all-time favorite coaster. I also learned after 3 rides that this may be a 2 ride per day This ride is even better in the day, to me. I love how the head-choppers are much easier to see. My night ride from the pass holder preview was too much of a blur.

As far as the time in line goes with one train running, 2 rows in the queue took 20 minutes. The tunnel was another hour. It was absolutely worth the wait. Was a little disappointed that some of the big rides were down which most likely made this line longer.

The fact that FL+ is down for SV probably helps shorten the line.

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^Not probably; absolutely. There's a reason they pulled FL+ while it's in one-train op, and it was the right call. The normal line would move at a snail's pace if FL+ was still accepted at this point in time, unless they only let on a few FL+ people per train or something. I'm really hoping that the multi-train op comes back in time for Coastermania, but I think I'd be surprised if that were true.

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I think it's possible they could have at least 2 train op by then. That's still 2.5 weeks away.

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Without knowing exactly what went wrong it is hard to speculate a timeframe. From the update from the park it does not seem they expect it to be fast. I also think it is possible they could go to a 2 train operation and not put it back on the list for Fastlane Plus right away.

I don't see why they don't go to two trains right away. Even if they use the lift hill as the block it would still be faster. But again, I do not know what went wrong exactly.

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