Special Announcement at 4:30PM on Youtube

My thought is: volcano gonzo, wicked twister gonzo too.

…and I’m guessing Possessed won’t be far behind that gonzo parade.


I'm late to the party, but I'm really going to miss Wicked Twister. I've always loved the ride, particularly in the back row. Reversing up the back spike while staring straight down at the ground is uniquely exhilarating. (The only other ride I've felt similarly about is Déjà Vu.)

I hope to take one last spin on Monday, but I had a great goodbye marathon session on the ride yesterday. There was no grouper in the station, so I easily rode in the back, front, and (per advice I've read here and elsewhere) second to back row on the right side. That seat does provide a great unobstructed view of the ground. I can't decide if I prefer it to the very back row, though (which the voice in my head reminds me goes higher!). I also got a night ride in, which I haven't done in a while.

Throughout the day, I got took some good photos of the ride. I also took a video of a complete cycle, only to realize after the fact I took it in portrait mode on my phone. I may need to do another on Monday.

Thrills Around the Corner!

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