Special Announcement at 4:30PM on Youtube

Cedar Point's YouTube channel has created an event for a special announcement at 4:30PM today. No more info than that was posted.


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I am going with an announcement of an announcement with some vague fuzzy tease.

Free Gold Passes for everyone next year

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Looks like either sand or gravel on that background.

Ride removal, perhaps?

If not, something much more mundane.

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Tony telling all of us Gold Pass complainers to go “pound sand”.

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Aquatrax 2022.

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My mind went to Wicked Twister with the "sand" background.

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Cargo Shorts said:

Tony telling all of us Gold Pass complainers to go “pound sand”.

Or kick rocks (if it's gravel).

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Cedar Point Nights kickoff?



Well then. Bye bye Wicked Twister.

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Wow. Finally.

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That tornado had to be some of the worst CGI in history, lol.

“For future park improvements”. I assume much like Mean Streak we likely won’t find out much about the future plans for quite awhile yet. But with WT gone there is ample room for development. And I also find it odd that MaxAir hasn’t opened yet either. Lots of room to play with there. Either way good riddance. I hated WT lol

Anyone else notice the focus on the Mantis section of the 150th book?

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Just doesn’t seem like a good candidate for conversion to a standup. :)

Cargo Shorts, finally? You dislike Wicked Twister that much? I'm saddened for sure but can understand it. Even though I definitely like the ride I don't ride it that often.

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Not the biggest fan, but understand it's removal. Don't think it was a favorite for many. Look forward to finding out what they're going to do there. Also why not last ride end of Halloweekends??

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