Soak city gate price 2016 single day

FYI, SC's online price is $16 more than Geauga Lake

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so I did the math...WW kingdom gate price is $35, save $11 online

for SC $36 online, (if they are also making you save $11, for example) then SC gate will be $47, almost $50. wow

just speculating. hopefully the $$ will go towards 2 or 3 new modern slides/pools next year :)

A high gate price makes the sales/coupons sound even better when they are offered. Makes a pass 'pay' for itself fast.

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Did you try calling the park and asking?

If the exact price is what you really wanted and that was your motivation for posting on here, it seems more logical to call CP and ask directly and get the correct answer... Not conjecture or wild guesses based on estimates from other parks not serving the same market.

It would really help you with your financial planning if that is what you really wanted from your post.

And furthermore, why do you care if the gate price is $1, $10 or even $100 higher, if you already know you can get the $36.99 standard price on their website?

Seems a more logical question, if you were truly concerned about being able to afford admission, would be if anyone knew of a better deal than the standard website offer.

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Cedar Point will not raise the gate price for either CP or SC more than the market will support. While some may feel that the prices are out of line it is obvious many others do not feel the same way. Some people will complain about the additional charge services that CP and SC have, such as FastLane, rip cord, Soak City Cabanas etc... Based upon the last several years of financial data from Cedar Fair the best advice I can give these people is to get used to it... Because it is working and a lot of people are willing to pay these prices.

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DRE420 said:

...can people ever ask a question without someone attacking them?

What's your definition of an attack?

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You could just get a Ride & Slide ticket if you are so concerned about the gate price.

If you can't afford it, don't go!

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Miss_Maverick07 said:
Thanks, DRE420! Yes, almost everytime I come on here asking a question, I get bashed. I ask these b/c my husband and I live on a tight budget and want to spend as little as possible.

That is understandable that you would like to save money and have questions, but why ask here when you can ask Cedar Point? I think that is why you feel like you are being bashed, no one here is an authority on the park and any information someone gives is second hand information from wherever they got the info from. Certainly not something I would use to plan a trip on a tight budget.

It is great to come here and talk about various aspects of the park but for hard facts and information, ask the park. You will enjoy this site more and you will have reliable information.

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