Snake River Falls

Yeah Justin, why don't you borrow Pugsley from Mean Streak? I think it would be a great idea :) heehee

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Still a great ride after all these years. Perfect for a hot summer day. Still giving it my time every year. Hope it stays after 2018.

Holy zombie thread! For such a random (but true) comment too.

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Better than starting a new thread. Glad to see some people can use a search bar.

I like the ride too, along with the tons of kids that wait for the splash on the bridge.

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coasterchick said:
Snake River was a fun ride to work, I agree with that..but day after day it gets old..Lots of bloody noses

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Bloody noses? Why? Is it the heat/humidity? Honestly I'm very prone to nosebleeds when the air is dry. Honestly I've had so many that I could just be GUSHING blood from both nostrils and it wouldn't phase me in the slightest unless it failed to stop in its usual amount of time.

One fun thing concerning SRF is I like to ride it to get soaked, then go ride Skyhawk in nothing but my swimwear and shorts with the wind going through my hair and just cooling and drying me off.

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Honestly, it’s from kids smacking their face against the lap bar when the boat hits the water.

Man, that Lake Erie summertime air is so dry.
Said no one ever.

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Hey Skyhawk06, you should have that looked at by a doc. I used to get them frequently as well and I mentioned it to my ENT about 8 years ago. He took a look and then cauterized a couple of blood vessels in my nose in about 5 minutes and I have not had one since. Didn’t hurt at all. I have since saved quite a bit in ruined shirts but I can’t guarantee it help if you go around slamming your face into lapbars. 😂

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I don't get nosebleeds a lot any more actually unless the humidity is ridiculous. A majority of them happened a lot when I was younger.

RCMAC, I've had nosebleeds in all types of conditions. Sometimes they're from trauma, other times they aren't. I feel like you've not really had a lot of them in the 60 years you've been around. Meanwhile I'm much younger and I've had quite a bit. I've had summers where I woke up(with no AC)to the feeling of blood dripping from my nose down into my throat. I'd notice a metallic taste in my mouth and wonder what's up. Course then I'd get up and have blood drip down my face. That absolutely sucked.

Cargo Shorts, again, the nosebleeds that I had a lot happened when I was younger(due to me being a stupid girl and picking my nose a lot as a child). I still have them from time to time(my dad is also prone to nosebleeds quite a bit). But I don't really need to see a doctor for it. I'm also 5'3", so I won't be slamming into any lap bars anytime soon.

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Don’t you worry about what I’ve had and what I haven’t had in my 60+ years of being around.

You’ve taken a quote from a 15 year old thread (from the Employee Lounge no less) where past and future ride ops are discussing the daily ins and outs of working the ride. I think it’s safe to say that coasterchick was just making a cute insider’s remark and more likely is no longer around here to answer to the panic in your voice. I reckon she’s grown up and moved on to other real concerns by now.

I’ve noticed you tend to latch on to things people say around here and make yourself overly concerned about how it might affect you. Nobody is trying to argue with you about your medical history, which btw, goes a little tmi for me. Trust me, if something in the air at Cedar Point gives you one of your frequent, gusher nosebleeds, whether it be summer or winter, it won’t be Snake River Fall’s fault. That is unless you duck your head during the drop and hit your face on the lap bar when it lands. Then it’s a guarantee.

Ya know, Cargo Shorts was just trying to be nice. Take his kind advice or leave it, but try not to bleed out in the meantime, hear? Jeez....

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