Skeleton Key Spoilers wanted Which is best and why?

Ok, for those of us who do not enter haunts and would not enter a haunt if our lives depended upon it, but admire creativity, does anyone want to share the surprises of the skeleton key rooms? Which ones are well done?

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What is a Skeleton Key Room?

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For key rooms:

Zombie High was the absolute best. Eden Musee was an interesting surprise, and Eternity Infirmary was hilarious. Eerie Estate was just, odd... and Hexed was confusing.

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Eden Musse had a animatronic big fat guy that had crap and stuff all over him with a character asking you to talk to him

Eternity Infirmary had a room with a middle aged mental paitent that needs a diaper change and wants to play with you. I thought this one could have been better if he had started getting angry and yelling if we didnt want to play with him

Eerie Estates had a pitch black room and characters next to you screaming and using feathers to mess with you. I sat this one out and let a friend use my fright lane. They said this was the best secret room.

Hexed had a room full of mirrors and the screamster told us to "look around." Once he said that I knew one of the mirrors had a gimmick and would be the scare. Sure enough one slid down and someone popped out.

Zombie High was gross. They had the zombie prom king and queen present you with a game show setting with old cp lockers. You pick a locker and they have you eat or drink whats inside. Dont it tatsed horrible and almost made me throw up.

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Out of curiosity, were these rooms a separate entrance that funneled you in at the start of the haunt or was it at the end?

The skull and crossbones they give you light up and the people in the house grab you and take you to the white door with a key on it. Most of the rooms were near the end of the maze.

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Yup, there is a big door with a key on it somewhere in each house. There was a screamster nearby to direct traffic for those that had access.

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I thought the key idea was great. The rooms were innovative, didn't appear to take away from the rest of the haunt, and was extra nice because you got some special 1 on 1 attention from the spooks. Great concept.

Hexed: Nice, loved the mirrored ball also

Eden Musee: My favorite if only for the setup of Big Daddy

Zombie High School: The concept was the weakest of the bunch. Really, like I'm going to drink something unknown, in an souffle cup, in a dirty locker (or crickets). At least the prom King and Queen were fun actors.

Eternity Infirmary: Pretty funny, and gross. No I didn't touch his belly.

Eerie Estates: This could have easily been #1, but not really knowing what you're supposed to do was not all that fun. The setup was great, but you basically fumble around in the complete dark, and don't get out until they are done playing with you.

Now the actual physical "key" (the plastic skull & crossbones) was pretty bulky, and with a bit of jostling, comes loose. My son's is still lying somewhere in the grass near Blue Streak. An actual key (like KBF used) would have been preferred.

^I did drink what was in the cup. It was horrible and I regretted it all the way home since it was the last thing we did. If they are gonna make people drink something at least make it taste good. The creepy/thrilling thing about it is being afraid to drink it. There is no need to make it taste bad for hours.

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I really liked the skeleton key rooms. They were a 1-on-1 experience that you couldn't do on a large scale, but really added to the haunts. I felt that it was worth the price of the Fright Lane just for that!

Granted, I went on a Sunday and took advantage of the discounted pricing, but still...

My favorite was the one back by Mean Streak. The actor for that one was hilarious and did a great job. It was funny and gross all at once!

I agree with the comment about the skeleton keys being fragile. It's an awesome concept, but one of ours literally fell apart while we were walking down the midway.

To CP's credit we took it to guest services and they fixed it. They were really nice about it so I'm not complaining. Just that it's an opportunity for improvement next year. The weak part is the little triangular piece of metal that holds the skull to the lanyard.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Skeleton Key rooms, which got us thinking about our trip for next year. We had done all of the haunts before (except for Hexed, of course) and bought the Fright Lane primarily to get the Skeleton Key rooms. With that being said - do you think the park will change the Skeleton Key room experiences annually, or will they be the same?

If they changed the rooms each year, we'd probably be inclined to try them again each year.

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O.K. Where do you get the Keys??

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imadj said:
O.K. Where do you get the Keys??

The Skeleton Key is included with the purchase of a Fright Lane pass.


What do you mean by "a problem with a wait on the Skeleton Key?"

Getting the key at the FL kiosk? Maybe, lines form there also.

Waiting in line to get into a haunt? You shouldn't, once, unless you went in the totally wrong entrance.

Waiting to actually get into the Skeleton Key room? You might, because each one is a small "event," in which you might have to wait for the previous group to get done first. The SK rooms are not the cattle walkthrough like the rest of each haunt is.

"Once it started raining we did for Zombie High so we didn't go in" I don't have any clue what this sentence means.

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I enjoyed all of the Skeleton Key rooms except Eerie Estates. Fumbling around in the dark is not my idea of fun. All of the other rooms were good. Although, I do wish that the workers outside would warn you that the Screamsters in the Key rooms will touch you. If you're not expecting to be touched by the actors and one of them touches you, there could be problems.

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I am thinking about getting the key for sunday. Its only 25 bucks when im there in october. I usually do the outdoor haunts on friday and saturday nights. My wife does not do the scary stuff so getting thru the lines quicker and the added bonus of the skeleton rooms so she does not have to wait around for me to get thru the line. Do you recommend it? I have done the scarehouse basement in pittsburgh and nothing i have ever done is that extreme.

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The skeleton key rooms in the past are not what I would call "extreme", just more personalized interaction with the screamsters and unique tasks/scenarios.

They are changing the skeleton key rooms this year to be standalone outside of the mazes. Having them in the mazes was causing traffic jams with people trying to get through the maze. They will all be located on the Frontier Trail this year I believe.

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Yeah don't expect anything extreme in the Skeleton Key rooms. You're basically paying $25 to skip the lines, which is wel worth it on busy Halloweekends weekend.

Interested to hear that they're relocating the SK rooms this year. Makes sense to prevent congestion in the houses. But they're all going to be in one spot?


There are 2 in the old blacksmith shop. There is another one by the panning for gold area. I must have missed the rest of them.

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