As anticipated opening day was quite exciting, especially due the opening of The Force. At 8:35 the Marina gate was packed with about 200 Season Pass holders eagerly waiting for the gates to open. The line did take a while because they only had the capacity to take SP holders through one gate. The people that had tickets however, slipped right in on the other side. I don't know what the line was like at the main gate, but I could imagine it wasn't much better. After we got in,(about 9:20)me and some buds ran/walked to the MF line. It was back all the way to the Wild Cat, just in the front of the I-Max theater. They opened line Q's at 9:30. At one time it was reported that the line reached all the way around the dogems. We waited 2 1/2 hours with no complaints. The line was crazy, and there was no lack of enthusiasm in the crowd. I can't wait to ride it at night. They even had the Ohio State band there!
There are no words to descibe how sweet Millennium Force is. The only disappointment that I had is that they wouldn't let me ride in the front. As for the ride itself its incredibly silky smooth, and its graceful beyond imagination. Thanks to the mysterious "Intamin Guy," I rode the red car in seat 5-2, and it had G's airtime, and thrills. The first drop is better then any coaster anywhere. But thats enough about me. All I can say is GO RIDE IT!!! Its a huge horse to add to our line up of world class coasters and experience beyond no other. Thanks to everyone that was a part of Millennium Force. Especially Jeff, without this site I think that alot of us would have went crazy!!

why wouldn't they let you ride in the front seat? who was it, your friends???

i'm back and my brain is still scrambled...
None of my friends wanted to wait for the front car, but I really wanted to tackle Millennuim Force in the front car, for my first time. There was a security gaurd that told me that "the front was closed."(even though it wasn't) So I thought ok, I'll ride the second car. Nope he yelled at me for trying to get in the second car. So I took the next best thing car 5. The security is really good, and very nice. I think that there were alot of people trying to get in the front so they had to cut it off somewhere.(Just like they do on Raptor sometimes)
Me and Jeff (screechnowl)were also at the Marina gate, we got in pretty fast, but the old guy handeling the season pass line was way to slow!!! Also it did'nt help that the front gate opended first, and they did'nt open the Marina gate till people started running by and we were all yelling, but we finaly got in, we ran to MF, we got into line at about 25 feet after the train tracks. We waited 2 hours, if you count the time for the testing and the red cross trains. It was great, everyone was crazy, especialy when the first train went up the hill. When we got on the ride, we got the last seat in the last car, can you say AIRTIME!!! From the top of the 1st drop till the bottom of the hill, we did'nt even touch our seats!!! It was great, the ride is AWSOME!!! I LOVED IT!!! It's true, it is smooth as silk.

"Got a green light, got a green light...but your going nowhere" Filter-The Best Things

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