Saturday, July 6th

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Hey! New to the forums here...

So I am heading to CP next Saturday, the 6th. I am expecting nauseating crowds, but it seems this is the only day my schedule will permit me to go this summer. I really should know better as an ex employee (Wicked Twister-06 & Maverick-07 Woot woot!) than to go July 4th weekend..haha

Anyways, I am fairly new to the Fastlane thing that they are doing. I notice the price fluctuates and that it says they only sell a limited amount. By buying one for my friend and I - would you say I can expect to get a "normal" day of riding by using FL?

Thanks in advance!

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Well Fast Lane should work to your advantage that weekend for sure versus not having it, however some rides how fast lane works you will still have a bit of a wait (Millie being a good example). However you will bypass a bit of the majority of the crowd. I will say though more people will have this same mentality to expect fast passes to sell that weekend for sure. Best of luck riding that weekend though!

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Thanks for the quick input! I certainly do expect to wait a little bit, I just want to avoid the 2 and 3 hour waits.

I remember seeing the line for FL at Maverick last summer and thinking "Gee, I'm glad I didn't waste my money on that." Ha- We'll see!

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Mavericks FL is the worst, if you head there right when the park opens its a walk on, otherwise it can get up to 1hr with FL. All the other major coasters should be 1/2 hour with fastlane. At least that was my experience on memorial day weekend. Let us know how it goes.

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