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My 3 friends and I are stoked for our two day trip this week.I have wanted to go to Cedar Point since I was a teenager and am 21 now.

We are wondering what the nightlife in Sandusky is like for when we are done with the park for the day. We are looking for a bar or two to check out that has the atmosphere we like (young crowd 19-22, decent amount of girls.. etc). Can anyone make any recommendations? Louie's Tavern, Daly's Pub, and Cabana Jacks look like viable options.

This is all under the assumption that bars admit 19 and up (it's 21 and up no matter what in NJ where we are from). I heard that states in the midwest have more lenient rules.

Any comments/suggestions welcome

As a heads up -- you need to be at least 18 to be in a bar (or the bar area of a restaurant) and after 11:00 you have to be 21 or over, though its randomly enforced in different establishments.

DJ's sportsbar gets a rowdy and (often very drunk) crowd, but its often college-age...Daly's is Sandusky's "standard corner bar" -- it gets a wildly mixed crowd: some nights can be dead; some nights it could be all 40-year old locals; and sometimes it can be very young and very alcohol-infused. The patio is nice.

Thanks for your input! I actually ended up calling a bunch of places. A lot of them have doormen that check IDs so you need to be 21+ to enter.

However, Cabana Jacks cards those who sit at the bar itself, so I think I found my spot for this vacation. Tuesday night is karaoke night. I hope it's not all older adults, but either way should be an experience after hitting the coasters all day at the park. Can't wait!

By the way, DJs seems to have closed. The number is out of service and I can't pinpoint it on Google Maps. YellowPages reports it as 'closed' as well.

The Pump on route 4 is decent, depending on the entertainment.

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Ah -- OK on DJ's -- though that's surprising -- it was always packed, especially if there was a local game on that day, baseball or football in particular....

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Louie's is 18+ on Sunday and Thursday nights, 21+ the rest of the time.

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