Ryan's TR: Sun 5/21

Not a full-blown TR, just a couple of notes:

-Rode MF twice, about 2 hrs 45 min wait both times. The front seat is definatly the best.
-A deck of cards really makes the MF line seem shorter (Especially when your game of war lasts over an hour and a half)
-The smoking in the lines was terrible. Even worse that the girls smoking were in the 14-15 year old range.
-One of the most gratifying experiences in the park is getting everyone on your Mine Ride train to hoot and holler and go crazy cheering. The ride-ops look when they see a cheering train pull into the station is priceless.
-Woodstock's Express is a great starter-coaster. Much more exciting than the Mine Ride.
-The new location of the Giant Wheel is great. As Jeff said, it is home. That "wooden" cement over there is awfully suspicious.
-The Blue Streak seemed even faster than usual. We were really speeding through the circuit!

That's all for now, I am really looking forward to a night ride on Millennium Force.

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