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Has anyone tried the Rougacool Freestlye from the Coke Freestyle machines? I think you need to use the app on your phone to unlock the drink which has Strawberry Sprite with Peach and Mello Yellow.

Is that its own drink or is it a machine?

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An exclusive drink mix from the Coke Freestyle machine. I've never used the Coke Freestyle app, but apparently the mix will unlock as an option when you scan the QR code on the screen. We will be there this weekend and hope to try it out.

I tried it at the Rougarou Media Day event by grabbing a sample cup. I believe it was pink-red in color (though it was still dark outside), and it tasted like an extremely sweet fruit punch of sorts, like Tahitian Treat. Water has been my drink of choice for 15+ years, so I'm probably not the best judge. But, I'm sure kids will enjoy it as a treat.

I also tried the Toft's Rougarou ice cream, which I thought was delicious. It was a chocolate base swirled with what tasted like crushed Thin Mint cookies and crunchy chocolate balls. It was exciting to dig and find the chocolate balls, so much that I went back for another round.

I'm not sure how these items related to Rougarou, but I'm sure guests wouldn't want beverages and ice cream swirled with teeth and fur.

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Queue Chef singing salty chocolate balls from South Park.

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What app gives you the QR code?

I just looked all over the Cedar Point app and don't see anything

^ Go on the app store and search up "CC Freestyle".

Sorry that wasn't clear in my post. One post I saw on Twitter said you could get a free sample when you download the Coke Freestyle app. The machine screen has an QRcode on it that needs scanned by the Coke Freestyle app with your phone. It then connects your phone to the machine according to the tutorial on the Coca-Cola Freestyle website.

Here's the blogpost where Tony describes how to mix the Rougacool with the Coke Freestyle app. it's 60% Sprite Strawberry and 40% Mello Yello Peach. We liked it- fruity and sweet. It was fun to try a new combination. You can mix it at any Coke Freestyle machine and even without the app. Enjoy!

And here's the link so you can save it directly to the Coke Freestyle app.

I made a Zero version too.

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I tried it today at KI ( I like to live dangerously :P) and it's not bad. Not something I'd care to order again, but it's good.

Personally I like my super cherry I found (50% each of Coke Cherry & Sprite) or The Strawberry Daiquiri (75% lime, 25% strawberry Fantas)

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I just tried this at the Freestyle at my local Acme store, haha. It's pretty good.

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