RMC Streak Photo Update - May 7, 2017

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CPfan1976 said:

...how close to the action the new main gate of MS 2.0 is going to be.

The actual area where you enter looks lower on the previous version of MS than the current pictures show. However to the right with the newer version of MS it is a bit lower to the ground. Hopefully what was an access road along Mean Streak will be opened up so guests can see this low flyby on the ground. It will be a great photo location.

Walt said:
See, I think the really cool new coaster is more exciting than the length of a thread. Maybe Jeff and I can spin off ForumBuzz for all of the message board enthusiasts out there.

ForumBuzz, or ForumBuzzKill?

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CPfan1976 said:
Today was my first visit to the park this year.

No kidding

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It's quite fun that they are doing this while completely ignoring any questions. Almost like Baghdad Bob.

Walt... those shots though! Thank you

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I'm surprised that there are no teaser signs at all near the construction. KI had teaser signs up for Mystic Timbers on Opening Day. And if I'm not mistaken, same for Banshee.

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Nice close-up view of what will become the second inversion:

And thanks to CP Rundown, there's plenty more where that came from.

CPfan1976 said:

Today was my first visit to the park this year. The first thing that struck me walking back by the old Mean Streak (Cp/LE railroad) crossing gates was how close to the action the new main gate of MS 2.0 is going to be. What I mean specifically is that the new track placement is alot lower to the ground and you are going to be able to see the coaster trains passing right by you when you are inside the old MS plaza, namely to the right and above the old entrance. Next time you visit CP, check out what I'm saying. Very interesting to say the least.

One thing Cedar Point does very, very well is design amazing visuals in the park for both riders and non-riders. There was a lot of buzz pre Valraven that its a one trick pony and they should have done something more unique. From a rider's point of view, maybe. But for people like my wife that will not dare go on it, it's an amazing feature the way you can get so close to that first drop. There are always people watching friends and taking pictures and just driving up to the park the vertical drop looks incredible. There are so many other examples of this like the TTD bleachers, walk ways under corkscrew, the most obvious one Gate Keeper.

This ride is shaping up to be epic! Looks awesome already!

Ride on!

For those of us that cannot be at the park but would like more information about whats going on, could those that are taking pictures on site please investigate the path that goes through the structure for the third lap.

Now that the park is finally back to daily operation, does anyone have any more updates?

^^ sure, after the mid course it drops left and underneath the ascent of the first turn, banks hard to the left into a double up and that's where the ledgers end. It looks like it will drop back down again before heading into the turnaround's sturucture where there are construction crews cutting wood out. Could not get pictures because I was driving.

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An attribute of old wooden coasters that always intrigued me is their sometimes goofy angles and strange flat curving. RMCMS, from a distance at least, includes some very interesting angles!!

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This will be an epic coaster and it looks like the structure will still keep all of it's traditional beauty.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks,
than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

Pointy steel ledgers aren't exactly reminiscent of the curves the original structure displayed.

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Actually, I beg to differ, the structure still looks awesome

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks,
than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

There are orange cut marks for the first drop now. They also finished the track on the final break run.

SV ruins all other rides.

SV ruins all other rides.

Potential new lift and drop

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