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since ive heard about magnum making some upgrades with its track which might improve its ride smoothness, what about some of the other rough one? last year raptor seemed to be running louder than usual as people had pointed out, and it almost seemed as if gemini was a little "jerkier" than last year, and mean streak is getting more and more rough every year. i guess my question is does cedar point reconize this and take it into account? im sure they do but is it top priority?

what...would you like them to about it, exactly?

replace all the rides, duh;)

Or the could do what they are doing to The Villian at GL, and retrack parts of certain rides that are becoming rough.

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Magnum *cough*Pretzel*cough*


replacing track does improve the ride, but im sure thats a bit costly.

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There's no reason to "fix" Mean Streak. It's supposed to be rough... that's the point. Otherwise, they'd have to change the name.

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I do not know if you rode Mean Streak the first couple of years that the ride was open (1991-1993 OR 94), but it was not a rough ride. In fact it was an awsome ride! So I do not understand why you think that Mean Streak is suppose to be rough? It would be nice to see them try and get it back running the way it was when it first opened, but I think that would cost too much for the park to do.

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Actually, I've ridden MS the first year (and every year after) and I distinctly remember it being a wild ride. During the first off-season, parts of it were retracked, trims were added and it became a slow, boring coaster. It seems in the last season or two, it's picked up it's roughness again.

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Does anyone else here think that maybe the snow in the winter time or any kind of weather has something to do with all the rides roughness?

I thought this year was one of Mean Streaks better years. During the early part of the season, you actually got a little hint of air time. But nothing beats riding at night, sitting in the back row to watch all the sparks fly from the front wheels of the train. I like how Mean Streak is right now, and I hope it stays that way.

Otherwise, they'd have to change the name.

It could be called The not so Mean Streak;).

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Mean Streak, a wild ride maybe, but not a rough ride the first couple of years that it was open. I remember riding it twice the first day the ride opened in 1991 and many times after during that first year. None of thoes rides were as rough as the way the ride runs now.

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as far as weather playing a role...depends on wood or steel. i know that everything is weather proofed so...but it might.

I love Mean Streak in the back. I have tough 14 year old skin so it takes a lot to bruise my thighs!

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I think the trains are what make the ride rough. If CP would replace those hard foam seats with the soft material used on Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure, the ride would improve greatly. I don't mind the roughness, it's mostly the banging of your back or head into the hard seatback.

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I like MS just how it is. Wood coasters are rough, or rougher then steel coasters. If you dont want a rough ride dont get on a wood coaster.

Goodbye 2005 season!!!!

I have to agree with Ary. I like Mean Streak the way it is. I don't think it is all that rough. I just think CP needs another wood coaster. Maybe a GCI?

Well here is some advice DON't ride it 5 times in a row. It will rewin your trip. You will be sore for a week or two. I brused like an internal organ riding that thing. But I still love it.

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If you think Mean Streak is too rough to ride, you have not been on Son of Beast. That defines rough.

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