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Okay I'm going to the point on June 1st and 2nd with a group of 15. One Saturday the first we are arriving around 1:30 oclock. I know June 1st and 2nd is the last weekend before the park gets really crowded. I hope I picked lighter crowd days to go. Is this right? Anyway. My main question is by 2 oclock a good time to head over to gatekeeper. How long of a wait will the line be aprox. After gatekeeper I was wondering if we should head over to raptor and millennium or should we ggo around to the other rides. And try to ride those towards night time because the lines will be shorter at 8:30 nine oclock. Also what time of day is TTD least crowded. Also PLease comment your favorite ride order. And any suggestions.

They will all be an hour or two since your going on a Saturday in June. I would do Millennium Force first.

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